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Are you ready for live casino action but worried about losing your hard-earned money before learning the ropes of the game? Look no further; you just arrived at the right destination. This article will guide you on how to claim and use a free bankroll which could earn you real money.
Nothing cushions you against a losing streak better than a bonus. That is probably the primary reason why they give it in the first place. The only requirement is to provide accurate personal information, and boom! Your casino account gets credited with €10 or more to use in your gambling activities.

Benefits of a Deposit Bonus

Casinos may add an optional deposit bonus to your bankroll after the first deposit. Typically, offers start anywhere between 50% and 500% of the initial deposit. That is a pretty good allowance for a newbie to get their feet wet in several games within the casino.

Additionally, you can opt to use the bonus to make more substantial bets. That way, you get a chance to try your luck with mega jackpots. Who knows? You might be the next brand new millionaire!

Like with most free stuff in life, however, always expect surprises somewhere along the way.

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Benefits of a No Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is the best thing that could ever happen to a punter. Using it allows you to test several casino games. Unfortunately, the amount is usually not very generous. It's only enough to let you see how the game works. However, you have no reason to complain about it.
Again, the no-deposit bonus brings an extra fun factor to gambling since the idea of risking your bankroll comes with its fair share of stress – especially if you are not good at it. If you intend to play for fun, thus, these bonuses may provide the best option for you out there.

What is a Bonus Wagering Requirement?

As you get lost in your newly found hobby, a rude shock awaits you when you're ready to withdraw. The thing is; you need to meet specific wagering requirements. Of course, the casinos won't tell you this upfront; it is always stashed somewhere within the fine print.

If, for example, you receive a $100 bonus from a casino and their wagering requirement is 30, you have to wager 30 X $100 = $3,000 before withdrawing any money from the site. That is the problem with accepting bonuses.

Be sure to do your homework beforehand or avoid taking these “gifts” altogether.

Is it better to begin without a bonus?

Bonuses are not entirely useless, but you are better off playing without one. Some may seem attractive at first sight, but they are designed to suck you into a gambling loophole. If you want peace of mind, deposit a small amount and be sure to decline the bonus offer.
That way, you will spend the little or much you have and withdraw the pot anytime you need it. With that in mind, you can proceed to choose a game that presents favourable odds. In the end, you will look back at this decision and feel proud that you took it.
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