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Casino Cashback Breakdown

If you enjoy playing online casino games it’s probably also safe to say you enjoy cashback rewards. Sometimes different sites and places for online gaming have different ways of offering cashback, but in its most basic form cash-back is pretty simple. Here is a step-by step breakdown of casino cashback.

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Casino Cashback

Casinos like to offer their players rewards as a way to keep them playing. It gives the player opportunity to play, and it gives the casino more chance to earn more money. There are several types of rewards that a casino can give a player to incentivize them to keep playing which include real cash, bonus funds, or free spins. All of these types of rewards are credited to a player’s account as a way to keep them playing. These casino cashback offers reward the player without giving them any bonus money that can be withdrawn. This ensures that the player won’t be awarded cashback and then put that reward in their pocket and go home.

Cashback Offers Explained

As previously mentioned cashback offers can take a variety of forms and options. They can also be offered as a rebate to a player when the player loses. Why would a casino offer money to a player after they lose? This is a way for the casino to ensure that there is still some money in the player’s account and that they continue to play.

An example of a typical cashback rebate may look something like this: a casino game might tell a player that if they deposit $100 now, then they will get 10% cashback. Another example might be if a casino offers a player a certain percentage the money lost at the end of the week. For easy math let’s say this percentage is 5%. If you lost $200 in one week with a 5% cashback offer of losses at the end of the week, then the casino would award you with $10. However, the casino wouldn’t simply send you a check for $10, but they would instead credit a player’s gaming account with $10 of free play.

Cashback with Real Money

Casino cashback that involves real money is quite rare to find in most casinos, but some casinos do actually offer real money cashback. The casino’s reasons for offering cashback could vary from rebating a player’s losses or allowing for more deposits. Whatever the specific reason for real money cashback the process is pretty simple. The casino will credit your account with a certain amount of money.

The difference with a real money offer is that you can withdraw this amount from your account. Because of a player’s ability to withdraw on this offer, the awarded amounts are usually pretty small. However, if the casino is offering a cashback based on percentage then the more you put in and play with the more you should expect to get back.

Cashback with Bonus Funds

This is the much more common cashback offer that most casinos will provide. This offer isn’t much different from most standard welcome or reload bonuses offered. Most of the time the system is set up to where if you deposit a certain amount of money the casino will then match it or offer you a percentage. Usually there is almost always a strict requirement which doesn’t allow the player to withdraw the credited amount awarded to their account.

Cashback with Free Spins

Free spins are usually an offer you will see with the slot machines. Sometimes with this offer you may be awarded free spins and a cashback deal, but the cashback deal is usually just more free spins. This offer can be a little misleading as it isn’t technically cashback since you don’t really win any cash. When you see this offer at a slot machine, just be aware that you probably won’t actually be awarded any real cashback bonus no matter how much or how long you play.

Standard Terms and Conditions for Casino Cashback Offers

Since different casinos offer different kinds of cashback rewards it’s important that you check with your casino about their specific cashback terms and conditions to know exactly what you’re getting. Some of the standard terms include entering a relevant promo code to receive cashback, that players must be over 18, and that a maximum amount of cashback per player. Always remember that you are bound by the casino’s terms and conditions so make sure to check all the details of the specific deals the casino is offering.

Advantages of Cashback vs Standard Casino Bonuses

When the casino is being honest about their cashback it genuinely means you’re getting a reward. It’s a pretty good deal when you get back a percentage of what you’ve spent playing even if it’s not that much in return. The nice thing about cashback rewards is that you can claim it instantly.

Disadvantages of Cashback vs Standard Casino Bonuses

With real cash offered the amounts are relatively small. Some games come with a cashback value of .5%. So, to get $10 back you would have to have spent or played $2,000. Some casinos may offer 25%, but only on deposits. This is another way for casinos to ensure you are putting more money in.


  • When weighing all the pros and cons of a casino’s cashback offer you need to make sure you carefully consider everything.
  • When you opt in on a cashback deal there is usually a promo code to activate your reward.
  • You want to make sure there is an option to back out in case you decide you don’t want cashback.
  • In general you’ll want to make sure you do your research on the cashback deal to make sure that you are getting the actual amount stated.
  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is playing just to get cashback.
  • People do this because they think they will make up for the money they lost when they are actually only getting a small percentage.

How It Works

You earn cashback as a percentage of the money you’ve played with which is credited to your account. These amounts are not paid automatically as they sit in your account until you withdraw them. The answer to cashback being better than a traditional bonus is dependent on your frequency as a player. If you play regularly then the percentage you get back will add up pretty quickly. If you only play occasionally, then the small percentage will take more time to add up and be worth the money spent playing.

You are eligible to receive cashback when you adhere to the casino’s specific standards or guidelines for their unique cashback offer. Some of these standards include depositing a certain amount of money, playing certain games, or deciding not to claim a traditional cashback bonus. While you’re cashback usually sits in your account until you withdraw the amount there may a time limit placed on when you can withdraw, so make sure to check that before you play into the cashback scheme.