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No Deposit Bonuses in Canada

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welcome bonus

21 Bonus Spins No Deposit

35 Wagering | Spins are on Book of Dead Sl... | T&C apply
min deposit


payment methods
welcome bonus

20 Free Spins No Deposit

20 Wagering | Terms & Conditions | T&C apply New customers only, Max winnings of €100 paid as bonus funds. | T&C apply
min deposit


payment methods
welcome bonus

50 Free Spins No Deposit

60 Wagering | Terms & Conditions | T&C apply Offer for new players only, Maximum win $20, Deposit of minimum $10 to activate the winnings | T&C apply
min deposit


payment methods

Best No Deposit Bonuses

Which are the Best No Deposit Bonuses in Ireland

There’s never a lack of bonuses but one bonus that’s especially lucrative is the famous no deposit bonus. Unfortunately, some casinos simply use this phrase as clickbait without even actually offering such bonuses. To avoid you falling into such traps, Casinoble focuses on finding the best no deposit bonuses in the whole country. We’re focused on testing and analyzing each casino and its bonus offers thoroughly. If you’re currently on a hunt to find the best no deposit bonus, take a look at the following recommendations and choose the most suitable online casino. You could enjoy your no deposit bonus soon, so go ahead and jump into it!

We know better than anyone else how lucrative no deposit bonuses are. While they might seem too good to be true, they really are not. In fact, no deposit bonuses are becoming more and more common.

The rise of popularity is understandable. Just to imagine that a no deposit bonus gives you some casino money without you having to use your own funds. The only thing you have to do is follow some simple terms and the bonus is all yours.

Are you ready to grab such a lucrative bonus? For starters, you should go through the following guide where we’ll explain many essential things concerning no deposit bonuses. Starting from the terms and conditions and ending with some tips on how to use your bonus the best way – we’ll help you out in your venture towards getting your first no deposit bonus.

Which are the Best No Deposit Bonuses in Ireland
Free Spins No Deposit

About No Deposit Bonuses

Free Spins No Deposit

First off, you should understand how no deposit bonuses really work. Sure, you might understand that when you redeem a no deposit bonus, you won’t have to use your own money but that’s not all yet.

The other side of the coin involves terms and conditions which explain the casino’s wagering conditions. No deposit bonuses can have very harsh conditions which are only in place as a way to protect the casino’s integrity. After all, we are talking about a bonus that grants you free money for very little effort, so understandably the casino needs to establish some ground rules.

To make sure you don’t end up in trouble, we are explaining terms and conditions a bit more closely below, so you’d understand what you are exactly dealing with.

Terms & Conditions

Importance of Licensed Casinos

We’ve all encountered terms and conditions at websites or apps but usually, we just glance over them and click to agree. That’s a habit you must break in casinos. The thing is, casino bonuses involve a ton of requirements you have to fulfill, otherwise, you simply can’t use your free virtual money.

Every casino is a bit different and applies various conditions but most commonly, you’ll always encounter a limit on the minimum and maximum allowed bet. For example, sometimes you can’t bet more than a few dollars at once if you want to fill the wagering requirement (which we’ll cover in more detail further in this article). Sometimes, your winnings might also be capped until you’ve made a deposit, so even if you win a significant sum, you might not be able to withdraw the money nonetheless. This means that sometimes when you receive just a 10 dollar no deposit bonus, you might not get to withdraw over 10 dollars. Sure, it’s a harsh restriction but it’s only meant to protect both the establishment and the players.

Importance of Licensed Casinos
Casino Bonuses

Bonus Wagering Requirements

Casino Bonuses

Wagering requirements – a phrase that every gambler dreads. In an ideal world, of course, we would like to take our no deposit bonus and withdraw it right away but in reality, you can’t just expect the casino to give you free money. Though intimidating at first, once you get a grasp of the concept, wagering requirements are quite easy to follow.

Simply put, the wagering requirement determines how much you have to play at the casino before you can withdraw the money to your bank account. If the wagering requirement is 10x and you received a 10 dollar bonus, you’ll have to play through 100 dollars and then the initial 10 dollar bonus will be accessible for withdrawal.

Unfortunately, we have to cast some shadows on the beautiful image of no deposit bonuses. Since no deposit bonus is essentially free money, you can be sure that the casino makes it very hard to withdraw. It’s not too uncommon to see wagering requirements even up to 50x, so be prepared to put in quite a lot of work.

No Deposit Bonus Codes

Casino Bonus Codes

A few years ago, no deposit bonuses were very rare but now, there are more and more offers available. Casinos keep coming up with new ways how to gift these bonuses to you, so you can easily grab these bonuses in any respectable Canadian casino.

Casinos know exactly where gamblers hang out, so they’ve devised a plan to entice these players – players who sometimes scroll through social media, check forums, or other places. No deposit bonus codes are handy tools that make it easy to share the bonus.

In addition to forums, you can find bonus codes from the casino’s website itself. Often, you actually have to use a bonus code because you can’t trigger the no deposit bonus without the code (but in that case, the bonus code is displayed right on the bonus offer page). To redeem the bonus, just enter the code to the designated spot on the website and the bonus will be yours.

Casino Bonus Codes

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Slot Bonus

Understandably, the reigning king of no deposit bonuses is a slot bonus. Slot machines are without a doubt the most played casino games. Many beginners also jump into slots first, so it’s no wonder why casinos offer no deposit slot bonuses the most. In addition, there are new slot games popping out all the time and both casinos and game manufacturers want players to try out these new releases. No deposit slot bonuses are great incentives to invite people to experience new slot machines. Casinos simply hope that by doing this, some players might convert into “paying customers” who later deposit their own money to play the slot machine even more.

No deposit slot bonuses are useful for you as a player too. After all, it gives you a chance to be among the first people who try a fresh slot machine. Plus, you don’t have to risk your own money on new games without knowing if you even like the game. No deposit slot bonuses introduce games to you in a safe risk-free way.

No Deposit Live Casino Bonus

No deposit live casino bonuses are clearly very lucrative too because live casino games offer you the actual authentic thrill you can enjoy at physical casinos. These bonuses give you a chance to experience live dealer games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Texas Hold’em, and many others.

In a way, no deposit live casino bonuses are actually better than slot bonuses. While the slot bonus targets one specific game, the live casino bonus grants you some free virtual money to use on live dealer games. It’s up to you which live dealer games you want to try. This way you have much more freedom and flexibility.

No Deposit Betting Bonus

If you want to start placing sports bets instead, you should look for a no deposit betting bonus. This bonus, as the name states, is specifically meant for sports bets. In other words, you can’t use it to place bets on live dealer games or spin slot machines.

No deposit betting bonuses are often offered as a part of a welcome bonus. That means that after signing up you have to choose whether you want to place sports bets (and thus redeem the betting bonus) or you’d like to play on slot machines (and redeem the slot bonus).

If you’re a sports fan though, grabbing a no deposit betting bonus is the way to go. This is a great way to get safely acquainted with the betting site’s environment without feeling any guilt or having any risks. Just place bets and feel the site. If you like what you see, you can always make an actual deposit later on.

No Deposit Bonus Types

No Deposit Bonus Types

You might think no deposit bonuses end with the selection we mentioned above but that would be a miscalculation. There are many different no deposit bonuses available for Canadian players but that also means you can get distracted when trying to choose the best.

If you understand how different bonuses work, you’ll also understand which one suits your gambling style the best. Luckily, no deposit bonuses are quite similar and they are very easy to use but nevertheless, make sure to read through the following guidelines that help you out a bit.

No Deposit Bonus Types
  • Free Welcome Bonus

Nothing is quite as exciting as a free welcome bonus. This kind of welcome offer is the casino’s or bookie’s way of greeting you into their embrace – they’re offering you some funds you can use at their platform.

Usually, you just have to register at the casino and open your account (and go through the verification process too). After that, the free money will be credited to your account and you can start using it freely. Keep in mind though that even if you win some money and would like to cash it out, you have to follow the casino’s rules and guidelines on withdrawals, so make sure you read the terms.

  • Free Sign Up Bonus

The second common kind of no deposit bonus revolves around you signing up. While at first glance, it looks very similar to the previous one, this one is only given when you sign up at the casino and you’ve never had an account there before. In other words, it’s meant only for completely new clients.

A free sign-up bonus is great for checking out new casinos, even if you have accounts elsewhere. No one says you can’t have accounts at several casinos at once! So, if you find a new casino with a sign-up bonus, you can definitely use that to your advantage.

  • Free Spins No Deposit

One very common no deposit bonus is the free spins offer. As you might have guessed, free spins no deposit bonus is meant just for a specific slot machine. If you’re looking for free bonus money, this is not that kind of a bonus. Instead, you just get to try out a slot machine instead.

Free spins might not seem the most lucrative but you still get to make some free playing rounds at potentially very profitable games. But if you are already a slot fan, then free spins no deposit bonus is like a gift sent from the heavens!

  • Free Casino Chips

No, we’re not talking about potato chips here. Online casinos offer free casino chips that you can use on some fascinating table games like roulette or blackjack. It’s the most classic type of bonus out there as it opens up the way to play authentic table games without risking your own money.

Free casino chips can also be easily used in mobile casinos or mobile apps and you can usually use the chips on any table games. This means much more versatility and flexibility for you! We at Casinoble definitely love free chips anytime.

  • Free Casino Money

You were already probably waiting for this one. This might seem too good to be true but it really isn’t. Online casinos do, indeed, offer free money with no deposit requirement.

The biggest perk of receiving a free money bonus is flexibility. While free spins restrict you to one game, free casino money can be used on any games you desire, even lotto or sports! Essentially, you’ll get to do anything you’d like at the casino. That’s exactly why free casino money is so loved.

  • Free Casino Credit

We couldn’t end this list without mentioning free casino credit. This bonus is often available for existing players – it’s like a little token of appreciation. To receive these bonuses, you have to keep a watchful eye on newsletters and updates that the casino sends regularly.

Free casino credit is a nice incentive that helps out both sides – casino gets to keep their loyal player and you get to use some free money. If you ever come across this bonus, you can definitely grab it and make the best of it.

How to Calculate the Wagering Requirement?

We have already mentioned the feared wagering requirement that makes every player’s skin crawl a bit. Alright, actually things are not that bad but you still need to be very careful. There are some essential points you should keep in mind if you want to convert your received bonus into actual money you can withdraw:


Terms & Conditions

Ever heard you have to read the fine print? It’s especially true for online casino bonuses! Terms and conditions explain exactly how you can fill the wagering requirement.



Look for the actual amount of the bonus and see how much you need to stake.



Every wagering requirement has a multiplier, for example 25x or sometimes even 50x.



Once you know your multiplier, calculate the actual wagering amount. If the multiplier is 20x and you received a 10 dollar bonus, you’ll have to do this calculation: 20 x 10 = 200 dollars.



Now that you know the actual wagered amount (200 dollars in our example), it means you have to play in the casino until that amount is hit. After that, you’ll get to withdraw your bonus.

Calculate Wagering Requirement

Turn Bonus Money into Real Money

No one wants to sign up at the casino just to play with virtual money and never see those funds on their bank account. At the end of the day, we all want to get actual hard cash. To do that, you have to endure bonus conditions which can be incredibly annoying but we are here to guide you through it. Below, you’ll find a few key tips that help you out in your quest to receiving your bonus funds quickly and efficiently:

Turn Bonus into Real Money


Once you’ve calculated your wagering requirement, you’ll know how much you actually have to bet. Keep an eye on your wallet.


Terms & Conditions

In addition to the wagering requirement, you might see some other conditions. Make sure to read through all of it.


Game Characteristics

All games are different, so you need to make sure you understand the characteristics of your chosen game. For example, you’ll get far more out of your money on slot machines with lower volatility, so it’s more likely for you to hit the wagering requirement.


Return to Player

Every game has a certain RTP percentage. Choose games with the highest return percentage – those have the best odds for you.


Best Slot Machines

There are many great slot machines out there but we personally prefer games like Gemix, Steam Tower, or Bonanza.



No matter what game you choose, you will always have to rely on luck. Don’t forget that but don’t get frightened either since you should always hope for fortune to be on your side.

Pros & Cons of No Deposit Bonuses

Naturally, no bonus is completely ideal. Everything has its own downsides and upsides, so we’re here to highlight some of the main sides of no deposit bonuses.


  • You’ll get some free funds you can spend at the casino
  • You don’t have to risk your own money
  • You can explore new games or betting options
  • There’s a great selection of no deposit bonuses available
  • You can use a no deposit bonus in various ways


  • No deposit bonuses are very small
  • Bonus terms and conditions can be too harsh

Responsible Betting

Responsible gambling is the absolute most important part for us at Casinoble. We know how much false information you can find out there, so it’s of the utmost importance for us to bring you in-depth recommendations. We encourage our readers to bet responsibly and consider their personal finances carefully. Always keep an eye on your habits and make sure you’re not hurting your loved ones with your gambling habit.


No deposit bonuses have become very popular, so you’ll easily find great offers! Casinoble has made it even easier as we list the best Canadian no deposit bonuses of 2021.


In most cases, you just have to open an account at the casino but don’t worry because it doesn’t oblige you to do anything. Also, sometimes casinos offer no deposit bonuses to their loyal clients.


All bonus offers are different and depend on the casino’s terms. Read the conditions attached to the bonus because those explain exactly how to use your received bonus.


The answer to this one is simple – we all like gifts and free money and that’s exactly what no deposit bonuses offer. You’ll get to explore the casino without risking your own funds.


We suggest using no deposit bonuses especially if it enables you to try new casino games (or new casinos). That way you’ll get a nice experience and you can satisfy your curiosity.


Many Canadian casinos offer no deposit bonuses, so you’re lucky! To find the best of the best, take a look at the listed no deposit bonuses at Casinoble’s site.


No deposit bonuses can be so different in their rulings that it’s hard to give an answer to this one. The best you can do is simply reading the terms & conditions because that tells you exactly how and where you can use your bonus.


No deposit bonuses are always very small, so you might not come across anything bigger than 20-30 dollars or some free spins. If you’re very lucky, you might find no deposit bonuses that include up to 50 free spins.


Absolutely! No deposit bonuses aren’t restricted to casinos alone. Casinoble lists sports bonuses too, so take a look at our listings.


Unfortunately, things don’t work exactly that easy. To convert your bonus into actual money, you still have to fulfill the wagering requirement and comply with other possible bonus terms.




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