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Casinoble is all about live casino. We love the live dealer gambling. We provide you with casino reviews, the latest casino bonuses and strategy advice for live casino games.

The people behind Casinoble are seasoned players that have had a passion for gambling since the poker boom fifteen years ago. As you know, it’s a love and hate relationship but we are a lot wiser these days and would like to pass on some tips and recommendations.

  • Always have a budget for each session
  • Set a winning target when you walk away
  • Don’t gamble when you are drunk
Best Real Money Live Casino Sites 2021
1Genesis Live Casino Dealer

🎁 CA$ 1,000

🎰 200 Free Spins

ℹ️ Genesis Casino Review

🇨🇦 Canadian Dollars

✅ VISA/Mastercard, Interac, e-Wallets

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINORating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
21xBet Casino

🎁 CA$ 1,500

🎰 150 Free Spins

💵 1 CA$ minimum deposit

🇨🇦 Canadian Dollars

✅ VISA/Mastercard, Interac, e-Wallets

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINORating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Twin Casino Canada

🎁 CA$ 400

🎰 400 Free Spins

💵 10 CA$ minimum deposit

🇨🇦 Canadian Dollars

✅ VISA/Mastercard, Interac, e-Wallets

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINORating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Lucky Days Casino

🎁 CA$ 1,500

🎰 100 Free Spins

ℹ️ Lucky Days Review

🇨🇦 Canadian Dollars

✅ VISA/Mastercard, Interac, e-Wallets

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINORating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5CasinoCasino Live dealer

🎁 CA$ 100

🔁 10% Cashback

ℹ️ CasinoCasino Review

🇨🇦 Canadian Dollars

✅ VISA/Mastercard, Interac, e-Wallets

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINORating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Leo Vegas Live Casino dealer

🎁 CA$ 1,000

🎰 200 Free Spins

ℹ️ Leo Vegas Review

🇨🇦 Canadian Dollars

✅ VISA/Mastercard, Interac, e-Wallets

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINORating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7Jonny Jackpot Live Casino

🎁 CA$ 1,000

🎰 100 Free Spins

ℹ️ Jonny Jackpot Review

🇨🇦 Canadian Dollars

✅ VISA/Mastercard, Interac, e-Wallets

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINORating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Casinoble’s Guide to the Live Casino

Here at Casinoble, we know how popular live casino games have become in recent years. That’s why we produced this definitive guide all about this exciting and life-like iGaming niche.

If you love the buzz of a real casino table but can’t always make it down to the local casino, live casino games are the next best thing. Walking, talking, living dealers drive the action. Fellow players chat with one another alongside the action. All of this makes for a much more social experience than traditionally found at online casinos.

Some players love the live casino because it seems like it would be more difficult to rig the games in the live Setting. Of course, with modern auditing services and the casinos having a vested interest in promoting fair play, the suggestion that live casino games would be fairer than non-live versions is largely nonsense. That doesn’t stop people believing it though!

The following guide to the live casino will give you all the information you need to confidently select a casino offering live casino games, information on how to keep gambling fun without risking it becoming a problem, and about the benefits of free play casinos. We then cover just about everything there is to know about live casino games. From the different titles available, to the software developers behind them, and everything in between, we’ll touch upon it all.

Anyway, there’s clearly lots to get through. So, let’s begin already.

New Live Casinos 2021

When you choose new live casinos to play at you can be sure to enjoy the latest live dealer software and have the most updated selection of games to pick from. The bonuses are often good since their player base are small and they are looking for more players.

Play at a Live Casino with Real Money

Playing any casino game using real money is obviously a risk. It’s important to always gamble responsibly and to make sure you’re actually enjoying it. If you’re sitting there chasing loses or trying to pay off a debt then you should probably step away!

To make sure your time playing at a live online casino or any other iGaming venue remains fun, pay attention to the following pointers:

  • Set a budget before you start playing. If you bust out, it’s time to call it a night.
  • Stay sober. Drunk you might be more inclined to bet higher and risk more than sober you would!
  • Stop if you feel your temper building. Getting a long run of bad luck can force people to play in ways they wouldn’t usually. Most of the time this results in bigger losses.
  • Walk away when it stops being fun. If you get bored, angry, tired, whatever, find something else to do. You can always switch to free play modes to work on your skills or even try a no deposit casino signup bonus where there is no risk.

Benefit of Free Play Live Casinos

Whilst a free play casino is absolutely unheard of in brick-and-mortar gambling venues, online it’s a different story. Live casinos need to employ staff to operate tables and running one that doesn’t generate any income doesn’t make business sense.

Online, dealers at non-live casino games are essentially the software. The cost to operate a table is miniscule and allowing players to practice might encourage them to take their skills to the real money games when the time is right.

For this same reason, you’re unlikely to see live casino free-play games. Like their real-world counterparts, staff need paying to operate live casino games. It’s usually not economically viable for casinos to provide live free play games.

Whilst not usually available for live games, free play online casino games are great for players for the following reasons:

  • They’re entirely free. You can gain experience without losing money.
  • You can try out games you wouldn’t normally play, even learning the rules by playing in a risk-free environment.

How To Chose the Best Live Casino

All Casinoble casinos have been professionally vetted and proven fair. Before attending any casino not listed by Casinoble, however, it is imperative to research and evaluate the establishment oneself. Assembled below is a list of criteria Casinoble uses to evaluate casino enjoyment, credibility and fairness. Each criterion is based on time-tested experience in the industry so that anyone can weigh any casino with precision. Anyone who follows these steps before gambling somewhere new is sure to maximise their experience–and their earnings too.

  • Privacy Terms: Casinos hold access to personal information and data. Carefully read their privacy policy before attending.
  • Deposit Options: Do not use any deposit options that incur more fees than absolutely necessary.
  • Withdrawal Options: Double check withdrawal options with the operator for preferred withdrawal methods.
  • Withdrawal Times: Never accept withdrawal times that exceed “normal” transaction times, like that of a wire transfer.
  • Bonus Terms: Many casino bonuses have limited time wagering/playthrough requirements. Read these carefully to avoid missing out.
  • Live Casino Games: Certain types of live casino games are rare and may not qualify for casino bonus wagering. Search for any rare favorites before depositing money.
  • Loyalty Program: Loyalty programs like cash back bonuses are more valuable than simple welcome bonuses; don’t be fooled at the front door.
  • Cash Out Limits: Beware of low-ceiling withdrawal limits. The goal of live casino gambling should be to reward big wins, not punish them with fees.
  • Licensing: Gambling somewhere without a license inevitably leads to scamming and loss. Only gamble at casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Proof of Fairness: Once again, licensing is everything. If a casino holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission, it must follow game fairness to maintain said license.
  • Test Before Going Big: No one would ever invest in a new car without a test drive, and casinos should be treated in the same manner. Deposit a small amount of money to begin with, then make sure the casino meets all personal requirements. Does the facility have engaged dealers? How streamlined are the gambling interfaces? If the look and feel of the operator is still up to par after the test, then it is time to go big.

The Live Casino Dealer

The largest difference between a live casino game and a regular one at an iGaming venue is the dealer itself. Traditional online casino games use digital images to represent different elements of the game. A random number generator creates any randomicity needed. The software itself accepts bets and awards payments. In essence, the software is the dealer and the game rolled into one.

A live casino, meanwhile, is essentially a real-world casino table, complete with real chips, cards for blackjack, a wheel for roulette, and a human dealer. The casino films the dealer and live streams it to the players. The players bet on the action via their computer or cell phone, watching the action unfold in real-time.

The likes of Playtech and Evolution operate state of the art live casino facilities. These host many different games at the same time, which go out to different live casinos working with the company owning the facility. The companies themselves provide training for would be live casino dealers and monitoring services for those working within their facilities. Licensing agencies also periodically check that all operations are above board.

Players look in on the action via a webcam feed, usually HD these days, direct to the device they use to access the casino. In many cases, they can communicate with the live dealer or other players via a live chat box. The dealer will often respond to such messages, making it an altogether more social experience than playing 30 hands of blackjack a minute on a digital version of the game.

In the event that a live dealer makes a mistake, the procedure followed will depend on the casino’s own policy. It’s likely that all bets will be void and the hand or spin is replayed. Given the level of training they receive, it’s very rare for a live casino dealer to make a mess of a hand. However, it usually won’t disadvantage the player too much if they do.

Live Casino Dealer CA

How Does a Live Casino Studio Work?

As mentioned, most live casino studios are set up by the games’ providers. Tens or even hundreds of tables will work simultaneously, often around the clock.

As one dealer finishes his or her (usually her) one-hour or more shift, another one will swap in. Different casinos working with the casino studio will access the feed for their own live games. You will often be sharing the feed with several other casinos but since betting takes place within each individual casino, you probably won’t notice other players.

The operators of casino studios provide security to ensure that dealers are playing fair. The dealers themselves have extensive training and they are monitored by state-of-the-art control centres accessing all camera feeds plus additional security camera feeds. Adding additional peace of mind is the fact that most of the largest live casino operators, such as Playtech and Evolution, hold licences with reputable iGaming agencies such as the UK Gambling Commission.

Live Casino on Mobile Devices

Thanks to advances in web development, notably HTML-5, players can enjoy live casino games on any sized screen. There’s no longer any need for a standalone application and, as such, many online casino operators do without them entirely.

That said, some operators still maintain applications. They’re great for players wanting to access online casinos on older cell phone or tablet handsets.

With most software developers making their games using HTML-5, you can use almost all the casinos we recommend on both Apple and Android operating systems, with no need for an additional download.

Live Casino Software

We’ve already mentioned some of the main producers of casino software. Playtech and Evolution Gaming are without doubt the largest in the industry today. Evolution exclusively works with live casino games, whereas Playtech has its hand in just about everything online gambling.

There are a few other names to be aware of too. All of the following live casinos boast suitably impressive credentials from notable licensing agencies:

  • NetEnt – needs no introduction. One of the industry leaders in terms of iGaming software.
  • BetGames – Lithuania-based operator creating many unique live casino gaming experiences.
  • Lucky Streak – Latvia-based provider with tasteful user interfaces.
  • Ezugi – focused on the European, South American, and Asian markets, few of our recommendations are powered by Ezugi.

If you come across a casino using a live casino operator you don’t recognise, you don’t need to dismiss it immediately. Check if the operator is licensed first. Then check if the supposed licensing agency lists the company as registered with it. If it all checks out, you should be fine.

Alternatively, just stick to Casinoble’s suggestions since we’ve already thoroughly tested all our recommendations.

The Live Dealer Games

Although some operators, like BetGames, do provide some more unique live casino games, it’s most common to see absolute casino classics on offer. It’s rare to see a casino offer live games and not include either roulette or blackjack. These are by far the most popular.

However, you’ll also see other games offered. These might include:

  • Baccarat
  • Wheel of Fortune.
  • Lotteries
  • Variations of poker
  • Other random number generator games.

All live casino games will feature slightly different rules. It’s important to familiarise yourself with them before starting to play. In games like blackjack, variations to the rules can dramatically impact your house edge.

It’s impossible to list the house edge and winning odds of every iteration of blackjack or roulette offered in the live casino. You should think of live casino games just like their real-world counterparts. Some casinos have more favourable blackjack tables to players than others. This is the same in the live online world too.

How is the Live Casino Bonus Different to Other Bonuses?

Some casinos will award bonuses for exclusive use at their live casinos. These might be deposit bonuses or just some free chips to use on the games. It’s also common to see casinos offer a signup bonus for the first time a player uses the live casino. Casinoble particularly likes those casinos that offer different signup promotions for the different sections of their site.

A casino bonus is free money – with restrictions associated with it – that casinos use to try to attract new or existing players to play their games with. These promotions are most common when signing up to a new website. However, existing customers will get treated to periodic bonuses from time to time too. Casinos will usually award bonuses to players during large sporting events or around holidays, like Christmas.

Some bonuses require a deposit and certain amount to be bet before players receive promotional cash to play with. This promotional cash cannot be withdrawn and will have both a wagering requirement (number of times a player needs to bet the total bonus amount) and other restrictions associated with it. These differ between the various iGaming operators. Always check the terms and conditions of a bonus before signing up.

Players can usually use almost all welcome bonuses on live casino games even if they are not specific to the live casino. Just make sure to check the terms and conditions first. Pay attention to whether games like blackjack actually contribute to the wagering requirements. Also, be aware that you might void any live casino-specific welcome bonus you could have received by trying to wager the main casino bonus at the site’s live casino.

Betting Strategies

Largely speaking, betting strategies to provide a player with an edge over the casino are nonsense. If there was a single strategy that could consistently take money from the house, the entire casino business model would fail instantly.

That said, there are strategies a player can employ in almost all games that will increase their own edge relative to that of the house. They might never exceed the house edge but you will be playing in a way that gives up no unnecessary funds to the casino.

Games of Skill?

Of course, in a game of skill in which the player plays against other players, you can indeed have an edge. A good example of such a game is proper poker. When players play versus one another, the best will more often than not come out on top. Casino poker, on the other hand, is not a game of skill and players’ decisions can only minimise losses to the casino.

A game like blackjack is interesting because many people profess that they are “good at blackjack”. This, again, is largely nonsense. Being good at something suggests that you consistently win. Whilst there is a perfect strategy for blackjack, following it doesn’t make you good at the game. You will still lose long-term to the casino.

Depending on the rules of the game, following perfect strategy for blackjack will allow you to play at a less than one percent disadvantage to the house. Given that you can never actually beat the house mathematically at blackjack, it isn’t really a game of skill. This fact runs contrary to popular opinion and people can get quite upset about the revelation!

Beating the House?

With some games, it is actually possible to gain a small house edge on the casino. To do so, you need a generous welcome bonus with low wagering requirements that lets you play through the wagering using a high return-to-player rated game. This will sometimes give you a small positive expected value. Generally speaking, wagering requirements will make it very difficult to actually emerge a winner when playing through a welcome bonus.  

Game Guides

It’s important that you understand the basic rules of each of the games available in the live casino before you start playing them. Since they’re usually very similar to those found in casinos all around the world, you’ll probably already know how to play the likes of roulette or blackjack.

If you’re struggling at all, you can learn how to play in the game guides section of the casino you are using. There is usually a full breakdown of all the rules somewhere alongside the game. Alternatively, you could get some experience using digitised versions of the games in free play mode.

Deposit Methods

These days, there are lots of different ways for players to get money over to an online casino. Different casinos will accept slightly different deposit methods but the most common are as follows:

  • Interac – the popular Canadian interbank network.
  • Credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, and other popular cards are usually welcomed.
  • Instadebit – a secure Canadian bank-based payment network.
  • iDebit – similar to Instadebit.
  • Paysafecard – an eWallet service ideal for those concerned about privacy.
  • Ecopayz – growing eWallet service.
  • Cryptocurrency – cutting edge, distributed payment networks that some casinos have been quick to adopt.
  • Bank transfer – traditional bank transfers are ideal for payments that might exceed the limits of other payment methods.

Withdrawal Times

The time it takes for you to make a withdrawal from an online casino will depend on the payment method you use. Most casinos first need to authorise a withdrawal, which can take up to 24-hours. It then depends on the processing times associated with the payment network you are using.

The following are estimates for withdrawal times using major payment networks:

  • Credit card: 1-5 days.
  • eWallets: 1-3 days.
  • Bank wire: 5-15 days.
  • Interac: Less than 1 day.
  • Cryptocurrency: Less than 1 day.

Withdrawal Limit

Some casinos will have withdrawal limits as part of their commitment to combat money laundering. These might be daily, weekly, or monthly limits. Similarly, some withdrawal methods will limit the amount you can transfer in a single instance. This is usually pretty high and will not concern most recreational players.

That said, if you do need to make a massive transfer (like tens of thousands of dollars), you should consider using a traditional bank transfer. These might cost a lot more than other payment methods but they usually don’t have any limits whatsoever.

Casino Guides for Newbies

Below, you’ll find a few short guides for brand new players wanting to get started playing live casino games. These presume no prior experience at online casinos, so they’re a great way for you to understand how to find a great casino, how to create an account, and how to choose a game that’s right for you.

Finding the Best Online Casino:

Finding the best online casino will depend a lot on your own expectations. The best online casino for someone who only wants to play poker will be different to that of someone who wants to play a wide selection of modern slot machines, for example.

  • Decide what kind of games you like to play (we’ll assume, since you’re reading this, that it’s live casino games).
  • Browse our website for those casinos hosting live games that we recommend.
  • Pay attention to the bonus amount and wagering requirements – bonuses allow you to play for a lot longer off your first deposit.
  • Double check that the casino is licenced – we’ve already done this for you, but it’s good practice to always confirm it for yourself.
  • You can also check the game selection and deposit options before you sign up. If everything looks good to you, proceed to creating an account.

Finding the Best Online Casino:

Finding the best online casino will depend a lot on your own expectations. The best online casino for someone who only wants to play poker will be different to that of someone who wants to play a wide selection of modern slot machines, for example.

  • Decide what kind of games you like to play (we’ll assume, since you’re reading this, that it’s live casino games).
  • Browse our website for those casinos hosting live games that we recommend.
  • Pay attention to the bonus amount and wagering requirements – bonuses allow you to play for a lot longer off your first deposit.
  • Double check that the casino is licenced – we’ve already done this for you, but it’s good practice to always confirm it for yourself.
  • You can also check the game selection and deposit options before you sign up. If everything looks good to you, proceed to creating an account.

Choosing the Right Game

A lot of players already know what kind of casino games they like to play. However, for those less used to playing games of chance, the selections available at modern online casinos can be a little bewildering.

If you’re an absolute newcomer to the industry, follow the pointers below to help decide what to play:

  • Do you like traditional games or modern games? Card games are ideal for traditionalists whereas slots can be great for those wanting a modern twist.
  • Do you want to make many decisions or very few? In the latter case, slots or roulette would be perfect. Meanwhile, blackjack or poker is ideal in the former.
  • Do you want to play versus other players or the casino? If you want to play versus other players, poker is certainly going to be the game for you. Most other games only allow players to play against the house.

Gambling in Canada

Whereas specific regulations for gambling in Canada vary from province to province, both land-based casino gambling and online gambling are largely legal across the nation. No specific regulations exist to limit players from enjoying offshore online casinos, even in those states that do not have their own officially licensed-government own iGaming venues.

Similarly, all but the province of Newfoundland and Labrador have some form of legal land-based casinos. The age at which you can enjoy gambling in each of the provinces is the same as the legal drinking age.

Play at Trusted Casinos

The casino industry has long been cast into ill-repute for upholding dubious practices. It’s for this reason why it’s exceedingly important for casino-goers to perform diligent research that will lead them to a trusted source. Giving your business to a corrupt online casino is sure to trigger regret.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid this fiasco from coming to fruition. The importance of choosing a casino wisely can’t be stressed enough, and below is some advice on how to select an online gambling house that honours transparency and integrity.

Legal Casinos in Canada

If they’re unlicensed, you can be sure they’re disreputable. Any casino worth its salt will be licensed and adhere to government rulings. In an effort to rid the industry of unlawful acts, governments have put forth regulations that require casinos to acquire a license.

The United Gambling Commission grants the most coveted casino license. Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao Online Gambling License are other licensing officials to look out for. In essence, if a casino has yet to receive a stamp of approval by any of the aforementioned powers, their reputation is already sullied.

Choose Certified Casinos

In most cases, online casinos will go above and beyond to assert their merit. After all, there’s no better way to build credibility than by cultivating expertise. In the casino industry, this notion requires assistance from third-party associations. Certified Fair Gambling and eCOGRA are two such examples.

The former is touted as “a leader in auditing game fairness.” The latter is a testing agency based out of London specializing in player protection. If a casino has been certified by either one of these organizations, you can be sure they’ve gone the extra mile to establish themselves as a trusted operation.

Fair Play Casinos

Not surprisingly, the older the casino, the more honourable it is. This belief rings true in most instances, but especially in regards to the casino business. A casino that boasts many years of expertise is far more likely to win support from the public.

With that said, a long-lived gambling den is far superior to casinos that are newly-formed. This information is generally offered on their website. A simple online search will reveal how long a casino has been in business.

Live Casino FAQ

What is Live Online Casino?

Live online casinos are online hubs where players can login and access their favorite live casino games. Live casino games typically involve playing against other actual players in real time whereas other online casino games simply involve playing against a computer. The size and scope of live online casinos vary.

What Live Casino Games are Most Common?

The most popular online live casino games tend to be the same as those that people enjoy the most in land-based casinos. they include the following:
– Poker; this includes Texas Hold’ Em as well as other variations of the game
– Baccarat
– Roulette
– Blackjack
– Bingo

Can Live Casino Games Be Rigged?

Licensed Online Casinos are not rigged. Playing at casinos featured on this site are safe. Especially Live Casino is fair since you play against other humans and or the live dealer.

How Does Live Online Casino work?

The word “Live” as mentioned indicates playing in real time with real people. This means a camera takes a video shot of a real dealer and you play remotely. You and the dealer can see who else is playing, and the events of the game are transmitted in real time.

How Long Has Live Online Casino Existed?

The first online casino made its debut in 1994 but live online casinos were not introduced until the early 2000s and have since grown at an unprecedented rate. The past two decades have seen a significant increase in both supply and the demand.

Do I Need to Download Anything to Play Live Casino?

The essence of live online casinos is to allow gamblers to play anytime and from anywhere. This typically means that there is no download required. Players simply need to log into their account and start playing from their device of choice.

What Softwares Are Providing Live Casino Games?

There are a number of developers and providers of live casino games because live online casino presents a huge business opportunity. Some of the big names in the market include:

– Evolution Gaming
– NetEnt
– Microgaming
– Playtech
– Betgames

Of course, there are other providers in the market.

Is Live Online Casino Safe to Play?

The answer all depends on where you play and the action you take since online scams are real, and there are always risks associated with any online activities and gambling is not an exception. Although there are genuine online live casinos, it is important to take precautions to play safely.

How Do I Deposit Money to a Live Online Casino?

The deposit options depend on the casino of one’s choice. While some online casinos are mainly limited to credit and debit cards, other common deposit methods include e-wallet (Neteller, PayPal, Skrill etc.), which are actually more modern methods of payment.

Can I Play Live Online Casino With Real Money?

Most people do choose to play with real money because they are looking to win real money. They can sometimes find live online casinos to play just for fun, but more often than not, there are certain requirements that you must meet.

When is the best time to play at online casinos?

There is no best time to play at an online casino. If you were playing a player versus player game, like poker, you would want to pick a time when a lot of people are online. This might be during a weekend or after work. For player versus the house games, it really doesn’t matter. Online casinos are more than happy to welcome players wanting to test their luck, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Are online casinos safe?

These days most online casinos are safe. Those regulated by reputable agencies located in different parts of the world that feature the latest security techniques to protect player information will provide players with a perfectly secure gambling experience.

Casinoble only recommends fully-licensed, secure online gambling platforms. If we list a company here, you can play with confidence at its platform.

How are casinos regulated?

Regulations vary depending on the part of the world a casino is located in. Generally speaking, regulatory bodies are looking for fair games, trustworthy service, and the companies to respect their commitments to global anti-money laundering standards.

Are casino games fair?

Casino operators and the software providers themselves spend millions of dollars each year having their games tested for fairness. Since all casino games have a house edge that essentially mathematically guarantees profit for the casino, they really don’t need to scam players!

Do I need to download a client?

There is usually no need to download any client to play live casino games. Thanks to advances in web development, games look great from within a variety of browsers and on loads of different sized screens.

What is the best deposit method?

There is no “best deposit method”. Your own circumstances will dictate what’s best for you. If you need to transfer $100,000 to a casino, bank transfer will be best. If you want your money to arrive instantly, perhaps a smaller deposit using Visa or Mastercard would be more appropriate.

What is the most common mistake a gambler makes?

Gamblers make all kinds of mistakes, but the most common is not understanding when it’s time to walk away. Gambling is supposed to be fun, remember. Continuing to play out of compulsion or because you’re chasing losses is not a good idea!

What is RNG?

An RNG, or random number generator, is a program that produces a random number. Almost all casino games rely on an element of randomness. In a real casino, shuffling a deck of cards or rolling dice would provide it. In an online casino, it’s a random number generator.

What is pay out percentage?

A pay out percentage is the amount you expect a casino to pay out per bet. For example, a 90 percent RTP game would, on average, pay out 90c for every $1 you wage.

What is the casino edge?

The casino’s edge is how it makes profit. Each game is worked out so that the probability of the player winning slightly exceeds the pay out when they do win. The difference between the two is the casino’s profit.

Why to choose a casino bonus?

Casino bonuses are great ways to extend your bankroll. This can mean getting to play more games or getting more chances to win big!

Why not to claim a casino bonus?

Players don’t always like their money to be tied up to various wagering requirements. This is somewhat rare, however, since most gamblers love a bit of free money from the casino.