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LeoVegas Casino, a global leader when it comes to online casinos, was founded by Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson in 2011. They established the website to provide the best casino gaming experience to the public while empowering mobile devices to give it smooth access to the website.

LeoVegas Casino is known for its huge variety of games, including table games, pokers, video slots, and even live betting games for everyone around the globe. LeoVegas Casino has become the number one destination for those who wanted to play online casino on their desktop computers and their mobile phones, and the company is powered by different platforms ensuring the best gaming experience for everyone.

Live Dealer Games at LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino has numerous live dealer games offered to the players. It is considered one of the largest online casinos on the internet, and its live dealer games are immensely popular. Baccarat, blackjack, and roulette are among the most popular games available on the website. LeoVegas Casino also offers Casino Hold’em and Three Card Poker, one of the top live games on the website. There are also modes for the players who wanted to play roulette – traditional, immersive, and auto-transforming their gaming experiences for each mode. Players will find the live dealer games offered at LeoVegas Casino to be immersive and unique in its own way.

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Mobile Casino at LeoVegas Casino

The founders of LeoVegas Casino thought about the growing usage of mobile devices when the idea of an online casino was conceived. As a result, the games available for the players that are uploaded on the website are mobile-friendly, and it can be played smoothly on a smartphone or a tablet. There are 25 different slots that can be played on a mobile device, and in addition to this are games like Multihand Blackjack, the European Roulette, and various poker and baccarat games. These games can be played in the mobile device is compatible with an HTML5 internet browser, and it is open for players who are using an iOS, Android and WP8 operating system.

LeoVegas Casino Bonus

The online casino offers bonuses to first-time players, but there are no bonuses for those who will be playing video poker games. In addition, the bonuses are only given to residents who are residing in the following countries: for those who are in Europe, only citizens of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and Austria are eligible. In North America, only the citizens of Canada are eligible. In Oceania, only the residents of New Zealand are eligible. Players from countries not stated above will never receive any bonus.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Depositing funds through the LeoVegas Casino requires proof of identity from the depositor, and a transaction fee might be charged if the deposited amount is not in use. Payout times can also differ depending on the mode of payment – for those who are using e-wallet, expect the money you withdrew to reflect within a day. For credit and debit cards, the money will come after three to five days. For a direct bank transfer, it will be reflected on your account after two to five days.

Support Types

Canadian players who need the LeoVegas Casino customer service department could contact the company through the 24/7 live chat. They can also contact LeoVegas Casino through its international phone number, and send an email to the company. Responses from the company can be made in an hour.

FAQ LeoVegas

Can I change my username?

Yes, for whichever reason, LeoVegas casino players are allowed to change their username or nickname. However, changing nicknames is only possible after contacting support. Players cannot initiate these changes on their own. The process is straightforward, and the support agents cannot decline any nickname-change request.

Are mobile users allowed to make in-game deposits?

Mobile players at LeoVegas are allowed to make in-game deposits from their smartphones, which means that players do not have to end their gaming session to load their accounts. Provided one has an existing payment setup, making in-game deposits from a smartphone is a breeze.

Are players allowed to play from multiple seats at LeoVegas?

LeoVegas players can always play from multiple seats simultaneously, which allows them to make the most from their gaming sessions. Punters playing live dealer games tend to use this feature. However, the number of hands is often dependent on the time of day.

Is it possible to save your favorite bets?

Yes. Players are allowed to save their favourite bets, and this makes betting at live dealer games convenient. When playing live roulette, for instance, saving favourite bets makes it easy for the player to remember and repeat previous bets. Most live games at LeoVegas have the ‘save bet’ feature.

What playing incentives are offered to VIP players?

VIP players at LeoVegas are held in high regard. They enjoy an exceptional variety of VIP tables from different providers. They are also allowed to place dynamic stakes at LeoVegas’ distinguished Chambre Séparée tables. VIP punters, however, are required to contact support to adjust their table limits.

What happens when the dealer makes a mistake?

Whenever a dealer makes a mistake, the pit boss is called to the table, assesses the situation, and recommends a solution. If the pit boss is unable to resolve the issue, or if the mistake made by the dealer has serious implications, all bets are canceled and players reimbursed.

What happens when one loses connection during live games?

Lost connections are a common concern among punters. Losing internet connection does not interfere with gameplay in any way. However, the bet is often classified and saved as a ‘stand’, which essentially means that the player is offered a chance to review the result later.

What happens when a mistake goes unnoticed?

If a player is sceptical that a mistake could have gone unnoticed, they only need to take note of the time or game round number and bring the issue up using the live chat feature. The pit boss or support should review these concerns and assist the player.

What reasons are given for a declined bet or decision?

Bets placed in live dealer games can be rejected for many reasons. Some typical examples for declined bets or decisions include; insufficient funds, poor internet connectivity at the time of placing the stake, or perhaps when the bet is not placed in time.

Is there a possibility of not having winnings paid out?

There could be instances when winning are not paid out. However, both the gaming provider and LeoVegas, record each bet placed. Thus, in case some winnings are not paid, players are advised to take note of the time, and contact the support team or the dealer ASAP.

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