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Factors that impact the speed of your payout

Once you've won on an online casino game, it's only natural that you want to get your hands on the money that you've won as quickly as possible. However, there are several factors that could impact how quickly you are able to claim your winnings and not all of which are under the casino's control.


One of the most significant determining factors is the country that you live in. Some parts of the world have minimum waiting periods that all casino winners must go through before they are able to claim their money. This is especially true in the USA, where payments from casinos to banks are subject to statutory waiting periods. Payouts in other countries such as the UK will be faster as no such rules are in place. If you are in a country that places strict regulations on payments between casinos and banks, then you may want to consider using an e-wallet or another intermediary service so that you can get your hands on your winnings more quickly.

It's also worth double checking that the casino supports customers in the country where your bank account is based, not just the country where you are playing. If the government of the country where your bank is located places serious restrictions on online gaming, you may find that it is difficult to get your hands on the money you have won.

Payment methods for Instant Withdrawals

The payment method that you choose can also have an impact. Generally, payments to credit cards and bank accounts tend to take longer as any payments that use these platforms are slower. If you want to get ahold of your money quickly, use an e-wallet service.

Before you decide to pay out to an e-wallet, make sure that you understand how well the service is supported in your country. Not all services offer quick cash out options to banks in all countries. If you choose the wrong option, you could find that it is very difficult to actually use the cash that you have transferred from the casino to your e-wallet service.

The amount of your winnings

You should also keep an eye on the amount that you are paying out, particularly if you are putting large amounts of money into one account in a single transaction. On the one hand, the online casino that you use may have a limit on the amount of money that you can withdraw each day, week or month. Your bank or e-wallet provider may also have a limit on the amount that can be paid into your account in any given period.

Even if there is no hard and fast limit stated in the conditions of your account, it is possible that a large deposit that is out of kilter with your normal banking behaviour could cause anti-money laundering checks to be triggered, which will cause a delay in the speed of payment into your account.

In situations like this, you may find that you are better off using an e-wallet service than a regular bank account or credit or debit card. There is no set limit that will cause a problem, but in general, if you're trying to pay out an amount above around £1,500, then it's worth stopping to think about these types of problems.

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The bottom line

There are several factors that can impact the speed at which you receive winnings from an online casino and not all of them are directly in your control or that of the online gaming company. By applying a few common sense checks, you can increase the speed at which you will be able to use your winnings. If you do this, you'll be able to make the most of your luck and are likely to have a far more enjoyable time playing casino games on the internet.

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