What is Live Three Card Poker?

Have you ever heard of a game called Three Card Poker? It's one of the many variations of poker, which lends itself purely to be played in casinos. This is a version that is played against the dealer but also allows you to challenge lady luck.
The rules of three-card poker are few and precise, and make this game a pretty good pastime. Many casinos offer the live version, with real human dealers, you can choose between smiling men and charming women, from all over the world. Allowing you to have an interaction while they proceed to mix and distribute the cards.
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Basic Rules of Three Card Poker?

The aim of the game is to get a better hand than the dealer’ or a good combination of cards. It depends on the bet you chose. There are in fact two types of bets available, ante and pair plus, namely the dealer, and second the lady luck with progressive prizes.
After the first phase, the dealer will give 3 cards to the player and 3 cards to himself. Then you can see immediately if you win or not the pair plus prize. If the player made also an ante bet then they will have to choose whether to fold or raise and compete with the dealer.

Basic Strategy of Three Card Poker

Placing an “ante” bet, the dealer in order to qualify needs to have at least a Queen. Based on computer studies on countless simulations, the best strategy is to raise every time you have a hand better than Q-6-4. Following this strategy the advantage of the dealer is only 3.37%.
Playing at “pairs plus”, the advantage of the dealer is only 2.32%, so it is a bet that many gamblers favor. It is a good opportunity to win, especially, if you can close a “three of a kind” or a “royal flush”, the winnings can be exceptional. Some casinos pay 40:1.
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History of Three Card Poker

In 1994, Derek Webb an English gambler ‘invented' the game of Three Card Poker. Casino Brag was its initial incarnation. The game combines three casino success factors, namely, big payouts to attract more players, easy-to-understand rules and house edges advantageous enough for casino owners to host it.
When it arrived in the American continent, the name was then changed, although it is occasionally called Tri Poker. Shuffle Master acquired the right in the latter part of the 90's after the game was initially adopted in a Mississippi’s Casino for Derek's organization. The UK allowed the introduction of this game only in 2002.

Play Three Card Poker in Canada

Gambling is a legal activity in Canada, and thanks to the internet and mobile devices. Nowadays it's much easier to find a way to engage with one of the several games available in online casinos. Therefore, Games like three card poker can be experienced and enjoyed at your leisure.
When you are looking for an online casino to play on, there are few things you need to pay attention to. Trust only licensed casinos, that are using a reliable and encrypted software platform, also always use secure payment systems for your deposit. In that way, you are guaranteed to be able to cash any winnings.