What Are the Most Interesting Football Bets?

Do you want to know what to bet on in football? Do you want to bet on a football match, but you don't know what to bet on? At Casinoble we tell you the keys to know what to bet on football. Modalities, lives, goals, or handicap bets. Get ready to enjoy the excitement of the game on sports betting sites and online casinos and know all its secrets!

1X2 Market

This is the traditional mode and probably the most popular among users. In this case, they offer the player the option of betting on the home team to win, draw or away win. Simple, isn't it?

To these 1X2 options, we must add some interesting variants such as the double result: for example, the home team win and draw, or the possibility of betting on the victory of a team through “DNB” (Draw no Bet), where in case of a draw we would get our money back.

If you are just starting out in this sector and you don't know what to bet on in a football match, you should consider the 1X2 market as one of the most advisable alternatives. It is as if you were betting on a pool, but without being one.

Handicap Betting

When talking about handicap betting, we are talking about a very popular betting modality and a concept designed to match any event. In the case of a team that, a priori, is superior to its rival, a negative handicap will be applied, in order to even the odds and make the odds more even.

In the hypothetical case of Fulham vs Manchester United, the odds for the victory Fulham will be very low given that the possibility of a ManU victory is very high, however if we bet on Manchester United with a handicap, we can get a higher odds, although with a higher risk.


Betting on the goal market is another of the possibilities that bookmakers offer us in a football match. As a general rule, bets related to goals are presented through the Over/Under option.

A practical example would be the Over 2.5 / Under 2.5 bet, where we can choose whether more than two goals will be scored (Over) or, on the contrary, bet on a match with few goals. In this case we will choose the Under 2.5 option, i.e. that at most two goals will be scored in the match.

The goals market includes other bets such as the exact number of goals that will be scored or the possibility of betting on the goals that will be scored in a specific half or time.


Betting on corners is currently trendy and is one of the fastest growing betting formats on a football match. There is no doubt that this is an interesting way to follow the matches, and, for this reason, it is becoming more and more popular. Normally, sports betting sites offer us this betting alternative through the “Over/Under”, although we will also find other variants, such as betting on the team that reaches a certain number of corners first.



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