Things to Avoid When Playing Carribean Stud Poker

If you’re a bit new to Caribbean Stud Poker, there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve to get it all right. That isn’t to say it’s a significantly difficult game to learn since the basic rules are relatively easy to understand.

However, making sure that you are doing as well as you can is a different matter. Here are a few things to avoid doing as they are common mistakes.

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Playing Out Your Whole Bankroll

You definitely want to keep something back in this live casino game. Some people even say this is one of the worst mistakes that you can make. It’s worth focusing on carefully, in other words. You don’t have to risk it all to get ahead.

Betting Too Randomly

Sometimes people get a bit antsy and just try random bets to see what happens. You really don’t want to ever bet just for fun or based on a random whim.

Every bet should be carefully considered. Many players just getting into the game make the mistake of just bluffing randomly to try and throw the other players off. The problem is that they aren’t going to get very far doing this since you will always do better if you consider your hand strength first.

Winning a hand or two from random bluffing will always come back to you in the end once other players get wise to what you’re doing.

Playing Ace and Queen Too Much

The problem with this approach is that it might feel like playing what seems like a strong hand will help them win every time. However, if the dealer ends up with anything at all, then you’re going to lose. It’s better to fold if this is all you have. Don’t make this common mistake.

Folding Low Pairs

It’s common for beginning players to decide they should just fold if they have pairs that are at 5 or under since it seems like a bad hand to them. This is definitely a mistake because the dealer will often fail to qualify. In fact, the dealer fails to qualify just under half the time.

If you have a low pair, you could win. Common sense you should even raise your bet if you get this. More than around half the time you’ll win.

Raising Too Much with an Ace or King

You want to play the Ace-King pair carefully. Most new players will raise constantly with this hand. You need to get some experience with when it’s good to play this hand and when it’s not. You can’t just universally apply the same approach to it every time.


This strategy actually doesn’t really work nearly as well as it does in regular Stud Poker. So, you can’t rely just on bluffing everyone in order to get the pot. In other words, your hand matters a whole lot more than other players do. You live and die by that.

Therefore, you want to focus on your hand rather than whoever is playing with you. Bluffing can only get you so far.

Overall, the biggest mistake you could make at this game is not making sure you read up on it as thoroughly as you can ahead of time. This is critical in order to get a jump on the game and to avoid any mistakes that aren’t covered here.

There are a lot of resources out there available on this particular subject, so it’s important to go through as many as you possibly can first before giving it a go.



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