Bethard Live Casino

Bethard Live Dealer Review

Bethard Casino is its own world that seems to have been created as a city where people can come to have a more relaxing and simple casino experience. Many casinos will play up the glitz and the glamour of the casino, but this casino gives people the standard they want so they can win money. This is a fun casino to experience because it does not pressure the player, and it still has many new games coming out every month.

Live Games At Bethard Casino

Live games in the Bethard Casino all have their own rooms. The rooms are all designed to be used for small sets of people who have arrived first for the games that night. The player that wants to win more money can come to live games like roulette and dreamcatcher because they can interact with the dealer. The dealer becomes friendly with everyone, and the game is much easier to play because real people are all in the live room at the same time. This is a fun place to make friends, and it is a nice place to come to close out the day. These rooms typically keep late hours, and they are helpful for all those who can only play at the end of a long day.

Bethard Live Casino

Mobile Play At Bethard Casino

Mobile play at Bethard Casino is a lovely thing for everyone who would prefer to use an app. The app can be used on all styles of phone or tablet, and it allows the player access to their regular account. All the games are exactly the same, and the player can even add money or withdraw winnings in the app. The app allows all the games to stream in full colour, and the app also makes it possible for people to have a much better time playing purely because they can use the touchscreen to win more money and be more successful.


Bonuses on the site are exciting because they allow the player to get off to a good start. The player can get a $100 welcome bonus just for signing up, and they will want to check every day for more bonuses because those bonuses could help them with many free plays that they need to succeed on the site. The player who has been playing for long periods of time on the site will have access to many different bonuses, and they need to be sure that they have chosen something that will facilitate the most winning.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Players can add their money with a credit card or bank account. The site allows the player to make snap decisions about adding money to their account, and it also helps people when they need to make fast withdrawals. The players need not to use their bonus cash before it can be withdrawn, but they can see all these figures on the account and banking page.

Customer Support Options

Customer support on the site is best found through the live chat window. The live chat window allows the player to talk while playing a game. There is an email page at the bottom of the homepage, and there is a phone number for people who are local to the casino staff and offices.

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