What Are the Side Bets of Blackjack?

Engaging Intro Blackjack, the classic card game, has remained a favorite for centuries. However, today's gambling enthusiasts enjoy a twist: blackjack side bets. These additions to the standard gameplay can be both exciting and controversial. Are they a lucrative option or just another way for the house to cash in? Let's dive in.

Understanding Blackjack Side Bets

While you're gearing up to place your main bet at the start of a blackjack round, there's a choice to make an extra wager. This extra wager is known as a side bet. But remember, this isn't universally available; not every casino, both online and offline, offers this.

Different side bets come with various odds and potential payouts. Importantly, who you're betting on – yourself or the dealer – makes a difference. Sometimes, while watching a game unfold, you might sense a particular outcome brewing. This instinct offers a perfect moment for a side bet. Always ensure you understand the terms of the bet before investing.

Popular Blackjack Side Bets

  • Royal Match

    • Found on many online casinos.
    • House edge sits at 3.7%.
    • Payout for two suited cards is 5:2.
    • Best payout (25:1) is for a king and queen combo.
    • Payout ratios can change based on deck number and casino.
  • 21+3

    • Requires your first two cards and the dealer's upcard to create a poker hand.
    • Recognized widely across casinos.
    • Potential returns are 3.24% or a payout of 9 to 1.
  • Over/Under 13

    • Predict the total of your first two cards.
    • Betting below 13 has a house edge of 13%; above 13 has a 6.5% edge.
    • Aces always count as one.
    • A total of 13 means you lose, regardless of your bet.

Other Notable Side Bets

  • Insurance

    • Bet on the dealer revealing a blackjack.
    • You get a 2:1 return.
    • The dealer's face card should be a ten, ace, or a face card.
  • Lucky Ladies

    • Win if your initial two cards equal 20.
    • A correct prediction earns you 4:1.
    • The biggest payout, 1000:1, occurs when you have two queen of hearts, and the dealer gets a blackjack.

In Conclusion

Blackjack side bets offer a mix of thrill and strategy. While they can boost potential returns, they also introduce additional risks. Just like every casino game, side bets present both opportunities and pitfalls. The choice to play them lies in your hands.


  1. Are side bets available in all blackjack games?

    • No, availability varies across casinos. Always check the game's rules beforehand.
  2. How do payouts for side bets compare to the main game?

    • Side bet payouts can be considerably higher, but they also often come with increased risks.
  3. Can I only place side bets online?

    • No, while prevalent online, many land-based casinos also offer blackjack side bets.


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