The Most Popular Myths About Video Poker

As modern technology approaches our everyday life from every corner of the world.

We can’t really help but wonder; how far can all of this go?

While it’s not exactly certain about the other aspects of the world, in the casino industry it can go much much higher than where it already is.

The machine games are getting an update every single day, and there are even new games that are a result of modern technology.

Such as video poker, for example.

It’s like poker, but you can play it on a machine.

Kind of like a slot one.

And people have their opinions divided about this game.

poker myths

But, those who love it absolutely swear by it.

So, the next time that you want to try this famous game, be aware of the few myths that circle around.

Dont believe them and just keep going!

Another Person Got My Rich Hand

Absolutely no one can take your royal flush.

This is the biggest myth about video pork there is.

If you have spent a good amount of time on the machine and all of a sudden you got bored and you get up.

Of course, another guy can sit here and continue playing.

But, if he gets a royal flush or any other high-end hand, then he is not a thief.

And that card was never yours in the first place.

So, you have no right to be mad or saying that he stole that form you.

It doesn’t work like that, simply. 

The Winning Odds Are Higher on a Poker Table

Just because this is a machine doesn’t mean that it’s not as trustworthy as the traditional version.

Sure, many people may feel safer when playing the classic version of poker.

But just because you feel safer doesn’t mean that it actually is.

video poker machines

This too is a well-developed game that needs more recognition as well! 

A Royal Flush Happens Often, No Matter the Circumstances

The video poker doesn’t have a rule when it comes to the royal flushes.

Either you get one, or you don't.

And whatever the case is, you dont need to label and diss the video poker straight away.

It is said that royal flush happens every 40.000 hands, but this is yet another myth.

The machines aren’t coded this way; they are simply programmed to either give you royal flush or not! 

The Machine Has Its Hot and Cold Moments

The video poker, as well as the slot machines, have this age-old myth that just doesn’t make any sense.

No machine has its cold and hot moments.

Be it because of the time of the day or any other factor, it’s just illogical.

And it's definitely not true as well.



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