What Does the WSOP Bracelet Mean?

The casino world has so many legends and celebrities that you would be surprised.

Whether they are here as newbies or have been in the poker business for a longer period of time, its safe to say that they very much enjoy this business.

Everyone loves the benefits of the poker, and all of them want the same thing; to win the rounds and become legends like Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Brunson.

But, how can you become so big that you will deserve a spot in the Poker Hall of Fame?

By winning the national WSOP championship.

It's held annually every year, and there are poker players from all over the world.

Both champions and people who are trying their luck for the first time.

But, what happens if you win this tournament?

What can you expect from that victory?

Well, the most important thing (even more important than the winner’s money is the WSOP bracelet.

What is this bracelet?

What does it mean?

What Does the WSOP Bracelet Mean Once You Win It?

This bracelet is a golden accessory that is suitable for every size.

Its made from white and yellow gold and in the 2006 and 2008 WSOP version it even had diamonds on it.

There is a plate on the bracelet that says ‘World Series poker’ and the year of the tournament is engraved on the bracelet.

the wsop bracelet in a jewelry box

Corum is the official manufacturer of the WSOP bracelets.

The WSOP championships say that ‘the bracelet feels really unreal and that it's even better than Oscar’.

The winners are really thrilled when they win this award because then their whole life changes.

They become the newest celebrity poker and trust me, its really hard to arrive at the poker top, along with the other A-listers.

The total amount that the WSOP is handing the winner (along with the bracelet and the glory of it) is around $9 million.

Who Has Won the Most WSOP Bracelets?

There are many WSOP champions, but only a few of them have won this tournament on multiple occasions.

The poker player with the lost bracelets is Phil Hellmuth (he has won the WSOP tournament 15 times, meaning that he has 15 bracelets). And after him, with 10 bracelets are Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, and Doyle Brunson.

phil hellmuth with the wsop bracelet and the won money

These are the champions with the highest number of WSOP bracelets.

Of course, there are professional poker players who have 1 or 2, or maybe none at all, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy.

Everyone has a special place in the poker business.

All of us are small parts of the big picture that is the casino universe.

Some of us have bigger duties, while others have smaller, but everyone is worthy.

Don’t forget that!



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