Female Poker Players That Made History

The Rise of Female Poker Champions

In the past, the world of poker was dominated by men. It was believed that one needed to have a certain level of courage to engage in the excitement of the casino. However, times have changed, and today, the poker scene is witnessing the remarkable success of female players. In this article, we will explore some of the best female poker champions who have made their mark in the industry.

Vanessa Selbst – $11 million

Vanessa Selbst is undeniably the ultimate champion in the world of poker. With an impressive career spanning 12 years, she has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Having won the WSOP tournament three times (in 2008, 2012, and 2014), Selbst's aggressive playing style has been instrumental in her triumphs. Despite officially stepping away from professional poker in January 2018, her legacy continues to inspire aspiring players.

vanessa selbst

 Kathy Liebert – $6 million

Another remarkable champion is Kathy Liebert, who has been dominating the casino scene for two decades. Hailing from the USA, Liebert's exceptional poker skills have earned her a dedicated fan base worldwide. In 2017, she was recognized as one of the top 50 poker players by the WSOP. Her prowess in Texas Hold'em was exemplified in 2002 when she secured a million-dollar victory. Kathy Liebert truly embodies the spirit of a poker beast.

 Annie Duke – $4 million

Last on our list is Annie Duke, a formidable player known for her aggression and unwavering determination. Duke never misses an opportunity to showcase her skills, despite facing criticism from many of her peers. Her most significant achievement came in 2004 when she won $2 million in Texas Hold'em at the WSOP tournament. These ladies have not only participated in but also conquered the prestigious WSOP event, serving as daily inspiration for poker enthusiasts worldwide.

annie duke


The emergence of female poker champions has shattered the notion that poker is a game exclusively for men. Vanessa Selbst, Kathy Liebert, and Annie Duke have made significant contributions to the poker world, inspiring players of all genders. Their achievements demonstrate that passion, skill, and dedication are the keys to success in the casino realm. The casino industry eagerly awaits the rise of more stars like them, as they continue to redefine the landscape of poker.


  • Are there other notable female poker players apart from the ones mentioned in the article?

Absolutely! The world of poker is filled with talented female players. Some other notable names include Jennifer Harman, Liv Boeree, and Maria Ho. These players have made their mark in various poker tournaments and continue to be influential figures in the industry.

  • How can aspiring female players enter the world of professional poker?

Aspiring female players can begin their journey in professional poker by honing their skills through practice and study. Participating in local tournaments and online games can help build experience and confidence. Additionally, joining poker communities and seeking mentorship from experienced players can provide valuable guidance and support.

  • What challenges do female poker players face in a predominantly male-dominated industry?

Female poker players often face challenges such as gender biases, stereotypes, and unequal treatment. However, the rise of successful female players has helped break down barriers and inspire more inclusivity in the industry. Organizations and initiatives that promote gender equality in poker have also played a vital role in creating a more welcoming environment for all players.



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