Lightning Roulette: An Electrifying Twist

In this era, where technology is evolving faster than before, most live casino games are now in digital form. With the digitalization of games comes better and more realistic graphics. Multiplayer was introduced, and a few years later, players all around the world can play with each other regardless of physical location.

Even during these years of technological evolution, casino games still thrived by assimilating technology's benefits. Online casinos are now gaining fans all over the world with more selection of games, as well as live sessions of classic casino games.

As expected, roulette games are still the most popular betting game. With the help of technology, a new variant of roulette games emerged, the Lightning Roulette.

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What Is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is a variant of the European Roulette, but with a very exciting twist. It has 37 positions numbers 1-36 and the zero. Its payout through generated numbers can give a chance to win 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x.

It was produced by Evolution Gaming and was awarded the Product Innovation of the year by G2E Last Vegas and EGR Game of the Year. It can serve virtually unlimited concurrent players all over the world, where and whenever it is.

Rules Of The Game

A Lightning Roulette is described as the European Roulette with stunning graphics, sound effects, and overall excitement of live roulette. Standard roulette bets such as evens or odds make the game friendly for beginners. Meanwhile, with 6 line, street, split, and straight bets, veteran players can show their skills.

The biggest difference between a normal European Roulette and the Lightning Roulette lies in the Lucky Numbers and the Lucky Payouts. These two changes are what makes the Lightning Roulette one of the most popular roulette game variant. It can give you winnings more than a traditional European Roulette for up to 500x.

First, the players would bet the way they usually bet in a standard Live European Roulette game. To be able to trigger Lightning Roulette, a player should bet straight up in only one number with all the five bets. After all the players are done betting, the live dealer will finally spin the roulette.

During the spin, the Lucky Numbers event will be triggered. Lightning will be charged and when it released its power, it will strike up to five random numbers in the roulette.

Since the random Lucky Numbers are determined after the betting stage. The number of bets covered will also be randomized and players cannot adjust their bets.

In addition, the number of Lucky Numbers will also be randomized and could be between one to five in each spin. After the Lucky Numbers have been confirmed, it will then reveal the multipliers called the Lucky Payout.

What Are the Lucky Payouts?

Lucky Payouts will contain a multiplier between 50X to 500x and will only appear under a Lucky Number. The only way to win the Lightning Roulette is when your straight-up bet was struck by the lightning, and the ball will point into it after the initial roulette spin. Your winnings will be multiplied based on the Lucky Payout that appeared in your bet.

It is worthy to note that only straight-up bets can win in the Lightning Roulette. Other bets such as split, or street, will not be considered even if these numbers have been struck with lightning and the wheel stopped on them.

The tricky part here is to know which numbers would be struck by the lightning and become a Lucky Number. Martingale or Fibonacci won't work on Lightning Roulette, so the winning factor is actually determined majorly by luck alone.



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