Vivo Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Review

Poker is one of the world’s well-known and most played casino game, with a huge industry. Due to its popularity, several variations of the game was developed. One of the popular online versions of poker is the Caribbean Stud.

Vivo Gaming, the same way as other gaming providers created its version of the game, which stays true to the real-life version. In this game, players wager against dealers with intelligence and poker skills.

Vivo Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Visual and Audio Quality

This game streams from the well-set studio of Vivo Gaming. Both new and frequent players can have an exciting gaming session via their desktops and mobile devices. Vivo employs the service of friendly and good looking professional live dealers to give players a thrilling experience.

On the screen are several windows showing the game controls, live chat options, bet result, bet limits and several other features. The poker table and the dealer’s studio screen occupy most of the game screen.

Vivo Gaming Live Caribbean Stud Details

Just like other variations of the game, Caribbean Poker follows the same set of rules as the real-life version. The aim is to win against the dealer’s hand by making the best out of your five-card poker hand.

  • The game starts after the players have placed the first and most important bet with is the Ante Bet.
  • The dealer then shares five-card each to all the players in the game, which are dealt face up, unlike the real-life casino. The dealer also gets five cards but with only one facing up.
  • The players decide whether to continue the game or opt out by CALLING or FOLDING. The ones who CALL move on to the next round by playing 2x the value of their first bet, Ante Bet.
  • While, FOLD means a player withdraws from the wager, and loses the Ante Bet.
  • For the dealer to qualify, he must have a King, an Ace or better hand. If he does, all cards will be revealed and compared.
  • A player would win if the dealer’s hand do not qualify, but it does, you lose. You will win if you have a better hand than the dealer.

There are also Bonus bets like the Jackpot Progressive Bonus Bet.

Reasons you should play Caribbean Poker by Vivo Gaming.

If you are looking for extra fun in poker, you should play Vivo Gaming Caribbean Poker. It presents online gaming in a real-life setting with the great video quality. The friendly professional dealers are extra to the game.

The Progressive Jackpot and several other features would pull you into playing this game. They give several betting chances that can increase your bankroll.



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