Poker Tells for A Real-Life Poker Game

The fast rise of the Poker game has made it a multi-billion-dollar trade, where only the best of the best makes it to the big win. Learning the rule of the casino game is important, as well as knowing how to use it and making it to the top in the game.

For a professional Poker player, reading the opponent is a top skill. Although, Digitalization in the form of Poker HUD(heads up display), trainers, and online casino websites have more or less reduced the viability of a Poker's skill.

However, studying and understanding the opponent tell is an advantage for poker, especially if the tell is unconscious. A tell is a change in a player's look or behavior that might give out clues about the game at hand. Tells are important as it could help you win a whole poker game. Often, a player might fake a tell, to prompt their opponent to make moves based on the clue given.

Here are some poker tells you can use to win an actual poker game.

How Do You Look at Your Hole Cards?

An important element in a poker game is attention and observation. It is not easy to read a poker tell; it requires avid attention and an eye for detail. If you have never done this, you have a lot to learn. Players who state at their hole cards for a while might have nothing to play or do not like the combination of their card. If you possess “the nut hand,”; that is the second or third best possible hands, you should remember this. Here is an important tip you should keep in mind, study your hole cards and don't ever check during a game; it might give you out to your opponent.

Gestures Under the Table

Apart from the tells that can be seen from above the table, a lot of movements might be going on under the table. If an opponent moves or taps their feet during a hand, it usually indicates that they have a very strong or a very weak hand. When a player has strong hands, they look relaxed above the table but are unable to keep calm beneath the table. They will keep moving or tapping their feet.

The players with weak hands appear aggressive and strong above the table but are unable to contain the apprehension, and it reflects in the movement of their feet. Be on the lookout; you just might be able to tell your opponent hand.


Nerves are a way of easing pressure and expressing anxiety. A nervous person can be spotted almost immediately. In most cases, they do not have an adequate hand. However, nervousness might not always indicate a weak hand; it could also be a strong hand. If a player places a bet and splash the pot accidentally and anxiously gather the chips together, that is another common tell. This is proof that the poker has a weak hand; keep track of how your opponent places their bet.



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