Online Casinos Accepting Credit Cards

Online Casinos Accepting Credit Cards

What is a Mobile Casino

Credit card deposits have become one of the most common payment methods at online casinos.

If you’re looking for unparalleled safety when you gamble online and appreciate speed or convenience, using credit cards at online gambling sites may be a good option.

Find the best recommended credit card casinos right here from our comparison and get started today.

What is a Mobile Casino

Useful tips:

  • Credit cards are widely accepted and used by most casinos
  • Make sure the online casino is properly licensed
  • Use a credit card for instant deposits


Those looking for the safest possible online gambling transactions should definitely look for debit cards and credit card payments.

When there’s a bank backing you with its solid security features, you don’t need to fear hacking or any other issues.

The best part: all top online casinos accept credit cards, so you can easily enjoy casino deposits.

You may even enjoy great deposit bonuses or free spins when using a credit or debit card at your preferred online casino.

Though card payments may come with their own caveats, it’s recognized as one of the easiest and most secure payment method for playing online.

Find the best credit card casinos from our comparison to get started with your gambling journey today.


Pros and Cons

  • Credit cards are accepted at many online casinos
  • You may get bonus money and bonus spins
  • Major credit cards are accepted at most casinos
  • You may have to pay high fees
  • Your credit account may get limited or have some prior limits
  • Withdrawals are not always possible

Credit Card Casino FAQ

Yes, you may find credit cards accepted by many online casinos in Canada. In fact, almost all online casinos accept credit cards – it’s one of the most common payment methods out there. Find the best online casinos that accept credit cards from our comparison list.


Yes, all the best online gambling sites accept VISA and Mastercard credit cards, often Maestro and Amex credit cards may also be accepted. If the casino accepts credit and debit cards in general, Mastercard credit cards are most definitely also accepted.


All regular credit cards (and debit cards) will work for online gambling, as long as your credit card issuer allows gambling transactions. It depends largely on your credit card issuer and its rulings, but in most cases, all regular cards work for online casino transactions.


Most online casinos in Canada accept credit card payments. You can find the best online casino options with card support by checking out the full comparison list we’ve published right here on our page.


As a Canadian player you can consider yourself lucky – there are tens of high-quality and versatile online casinos available for you. To find the best possible online casino for your gambling taste, use our comparison – we’ve highlighted and reviewed the best online casino sites in Canada, all of which also allow credit cards.


Usually, you can easily withdraw money from your casino account to your card, especially if you’ve used regular debit cards. However, depending on the card provider, there’s a chance casino withdrawals may not be possible. It’s a quite personal and complicated matter, so we suggest contacting your credit card company and ask for clarifications.

Usually, you won’t have any credit card deposit fees, but it may depend on the chosen casino and credit card provider, too. Before depositing, read the casino’s terms and conditions to clarify whether you may have to pay any additional fees when making your casino deposits.

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Credit and Debit Cards in Online Casinos

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Little known fact, but tens of online casinos in Canada and worldwide accept a credit card deposit.

This means you can enjoy online casino games by using the handiest payment method: credit or debit cards that you already have at your disposal.

There’s no need to open a new wallet account or sign up for a payment service: you can just enter your card details at the online casino, and your deposit will be done in a matter of seconds.

When using casino credit cards, it also means you can make deposits on credit and, thus, pay for the deposit funds once it’s time to cover your monthly credit card bill.

Of course, you can use debit cards instead if you don’t want to play on credit – online payments at Canadian casinos couldn’t be any more simple than with a regular banking card.

Top credit card casinos accept all the common card options, including Visa, Amex and Mastercard.

How to Make Online Casino Deposits with a Credit Card


Have you made any online purchases with your credit card before?

You probably have and if that’s so, using a VISA casino (or any other card option) will be as smooth and easy as you could imagine.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the main steps that describe how credit card deposits work.


Step 1: Choose a casino that accepts credit cards

First, you need to be equipped with an account at the top online casino.

We know how complicated it may be to find reliable online casinos that accept credit cards.

For that reason, we’ve put together a big overview of Canadian casinos where you can make credit card transactions with ease – just check out our comparison table to find the most suitable option.


Step 2: Sign up and verify your details

After picking out a suitable credit card casino, it’s time to open up a casino account.

This step is equally simple – just enter your contact information to the registration form and verify your account via email or a text message, depending on the casino.

Getting your account open shouldn’t take over 2-3 minutes.


Step 3: Enter your card information

Once the online casino account is opened, you can proceed with your online casino deposits.

Head to the cashier section on your gambling account, enter the amount you’d like to transfer and choose credit card from available payment methods.

Next, you’ll be directed to the payment gateway, similar to any other online payments.

Complete your credit card casino deposit by entering your card information.


Step 4: Confirm the transaction and play

Usually, a credit or debit card payment must also be verified by you, depending on the procedures applied by your bank.

Sometimes, you have to confirm the transaction via the bank’s app, sometimes you need to enter a verification code.

Whatever the case may be, confirm the transaction and your credit card deposit will be available on your account immediately.

How to Withdraw Money to a Credit Card

While credit card deposits are quite simple and straightforward, withdrawing cash funds from credit card casinos may be a bit more complicated.

First, some banks and/or casinos may inhibit credit card withdrawals completely, meaning that while you can make a credit card casino deposit, you won’t get to withdraw funds to the card.

This means you’ll have to transfer the funds to a bank account, instead.

When cashing out, there’s also a chance you may have to endure some transaction fees, plus withdrawals may take even up to 7 business days (but, again, this depends on credit card providers).

So, while credit cards may be widely accepted and making credit card deposits is one of the easiest options, withdrawals need more caution.

Before signing up and making your credit card casino deposit, double-check the casino’s rules on card withdrawals to make sure you can use your credit card to cash out funds.

How to Choose Secure Casinos that Accept Credit Cards


When gambling with credit cards, security is, obviously, one of the biggest concerns.

Luckily, credit cards themselves have built-in protection from the card issuer (your bank), so overall, there isn’t much to worry about.

However, we’d like to equip you with a few pieces of knowledge on how to distinguish a great online casino among the rest, so you’d definitely end up at the best possible credit card casinos.



There’s one rule with utmost importance whenever you’re dealing with online gambling: signing up at licensed casinos.

It should go without saying, but you should never gamble at sites that aren’t properly licensed.

Every casino should carry a valid gambling license, obtained by reputable gambling authorities (not some random ‘bush’ licensing companies that just sell a pretty-looking certificate).

The most recognized and trustworthy gambling licenses come from the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission.

Curaçao eGaming license is also widely common, though regarded as a bit weaker than the previously mentioned options.

These 3 companies, however, provide a certain quality mark that you can trust when dealing with casino credit cards.

Payment processing rules

The gambling license alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve chosen the best casino for your needs.

One of the biggest caveats of gambling transaction concerns payment processing terms that vary depending on the casino.

Every casino processes credit card payments in varying speed: some process payments immediately, whereas others may take up to 48 hours.

Credit card withdrawals are notoriously slow, though, so you need to make sure the chosen casino processes payments in the kind of speed that aligns with your goals.

What’s more, every casino has certain transaction limits, which are especially crucial when using credit cards.

Your credit card itself may come with some limits, but the gambling site may also decline withdrawals that go over the applied limit.

For instance, the withdrawal limit on credit cards may be only CA$3000 per week, sometimes even lower.

Since all casinos have different payment rules, make sure to read terms and conditions thoroughly.

Customer support

Customer support is an often overlooked factor that deserves much bigger focus by Canadian gamblers.

Often, you could have resolved most issues and questions by simply choosing a casino that has proper customer support.

Neglecting to consider this factor may end up with big issues afterwards and that’s not something you want to experience when dealing with credit cards.

When you’re thinking of signing up at a casino site, first check the customer support briefly by contacting the casino’s chat and asking a few quick questions.

This quick simple test will give you a clear overview of the site’s capabilities and you’ll most definitely understand whether you can trust the site or not.

Game providers

Top casino sites always collaborate with reputable software providers because, in the end, the software providers decide how great your gambling venture will be.

Think of casinos like online stores with many different brands available – software providers are the ‘brands’ that are promoted by casinos.

Some of the most reputable and well-known iGaming software providers include names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Relax, Evolution, Ezugi, iSoftBet, Novomatic, etc.

There are hundreds of game providers available, though, and overall, the best casino sites have at least over 20-30 different providers.

The more game providers available, the better and versatile your experience may turn out to be.

Game selection

Clearly, game selection matters quite significantly when deciding which casino works the best for your taste.

As a general trend, most online casinos in Canada offer a huge range of online slots and live dealer games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, online poker and gameshows.

Some casinos may also incorporate sports betting with esports and live betting – and yes, all of this is available via credit cards.

Slots are the king at every casino, though, and all modern online casino sites include thousands of fun slot machines, including Megaways slots, jackpot slots, Bonus Buy games and many other great options.

Bonus selection

When you first sign up at the casino and make your initial minimum deposit, you may get a wonderful welcome bonus or a first deposit package that may include bonus money, plus bonus spins.

Every casino these days offers a huge selection of bonuses, among which bonus spins and bonus cash are the most common options.

Some casinos may even have special loyalty programs or daily cashback to increase your fun.

The more bonuses up for grabs, the better for your gambling session, so make sure to never dismiss the selection of available promotions.

Bonus requirements

It’s one thing to receive a hefty welcome bonus, but it’s a completely different subject to actually play through the funds and cash out your winnings.

After claiming a bonus, you have to fulfill the casino’s wagering requirements, which may include a long list of demands.

For instance, you can only receive the bonus after making a certain minimum deposit, but you will also have a max bet limit which means you can’t make bets that are higher than the required max bet (usually, it’s around $5).

What’s more, you can’t use only bonus funds to play – you first have to use your own money to play online casino games since bonus funds contribute towards your bonus balance, as long as you haven’t wagered through the bonus.

Every bonus may come with such restrictions, so make sure to read through the terms carefully.

Disadvantages of Cashback

Advantages of Credit Card Casinos

Disadvantages of Cashback

Credit cards come with a long list of perks that make it the most beloved payment method among Canadian gamblers.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to opt for credit cards, too.

  • Available at almost all online casinos – There are hardly any online casinos out there that wouldn’t accept credit card payments. It’s one of the top choices for online casino games.
  • Access to bonuses – Electronic wallet deposits may be excluded from bonuses, but that’s not the case with credit cards. When you deposit funds via credit cards, you can claim any online casino bonus, as long as you hit the minimum deposit requirement.
  • Highly secure – Credit cards could easily be called one of the safest payment methods for online gambling. Similar to using your bank account, credit cards come with complicated security mechanisms that protect your funds from fraudsters.
  • Easy and user-friendly payment method – Not many payment methods come with such an ease as credit cards do. You don’t have to open any new accounts or sign up for new services.

Disadvantages of Credit Card Casinos

A credit card may be a convenient banking method, but before jumping into playing casino games you should consider these downsides, too.

  • Withdrawals may not be possible – A credit card casino may accept VISA or Mastercard for your credit card casino deposit, but withdrawals may not always be possible, meaning you may have to transfer your cash funds to a bank account, instead.
  • May have transaction fees – Though leading credit card casinos don’t usually charge any fees, your card issuer may do so. Always check your card provider’s terms and conditions to make sure you won’t endure additional fees.
  • Have to consider interest rate and bills – If you’re playing on credit, you need to be careful. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay interest on the borrowed credit, plus you have to pay the credit card bill later. Don’t spend more than you can afford, even when playing on credit.


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