Four Most Common Cheats in Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, and many people are saying that cheating roulette is difficult, and it is almost impossible to execute. Even Albert Einstein claimed that the only way roulette can be cheated is to steal money when the dealer is not paying attention.

However, there are people who have claimed that they created strategies on how to cheat roulette. Here are some of the tricks that they used to earn more money from the famed casino game.

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Sleight of Hand

The rules of roulette are simple – players have to place their bet on the number or color where they think the ball would land. Because of this simple mechanics, many players in the pasts have resorted to past posting. This is a term referred to as the act of placing a bet after the ball has landed.

Casinos have tried to deter past postings. Yet, it enabled the cheaters to create different strategies on how they can execute the trick perfectly. This is where the sleight of hand comes in. Most cheaters would either steal colored chips from other players or on the table. It can happen in the blink of an eye.

Roulette Computers

Casino cheaters have also developed roulette computers. Its aim is to calculate the data on the wheel using lasers and other electronics, and then providing the result to the player.

A roulette computer has three distinct parts – the tracker, which uses a laser to track down the speed of the wheel and the position of the ball; the calculator, which is a program that is installed on a smartphone that gathers the data collected by the tracker and calculates the exact position where the ball will land using complex mathematical equations; and the earpiece, which is used to transfer the information from the smartphone straight to the player’s ear.

In 2004, a scandal at the Ritz Casino erupted when three casino players won £1.2million by using a roulette computer. Since then, casinos around the world started banning these devices and detaining those who are caught using the program.

Advantage Play and Biased Wheels

Another way on how to cheat the roulette is to analyze the wheels and determine the section that it favors the most. A Spanish casino patron, Garcia Pelayo, created a strategy that allowed him to win big inside the casinos.

He collected data from more than a thousand roulette wheels and analyzed the data on a computer to determine where the strong bias is.

When he got the information that he wanted, he invited his family to visit several casinos all over the world. That's when he applied what he learned about the wheels. In the end, he won millions because of his analyzations on the weakness of the roulette’s wheels.

Rigged Wheels and Balls with Magnets

This is one of the oldest tricks played out by roulette cheaters. To execute this perfectly, they need to work with a corrupted casino employee. He needs to attach the small, undetectable magnet into the ball. When the casino opens, the magnet will be controlled by the player. Therefore, he or she can make it land anywhere on the table.

The earliest documentation of roulette cheating by using magnets was in the early 1800s when a man known as Pierre Dugal went inside the casino and stayed there until the staffs went home. He rigged the game, making him win a lot of money.


Cheating the roulette would require someone to have the confidence to execute the act because once a cheater is caught, the casino security can send him or her straight to jail.

Be cautious when trying out these cheats. The casinos are now investing in cheat deterrents to find out who’s playing dirty.



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