Famous People That Love Playing Blackjack

Blackjack as a casino game has been with us forever.

That’s because it’s fun, straightforward to learn, and can bring you money.

Maybe you can even become a millionaire if you just try hard enough.

Celebrities are mortals just like us.

And even they can enjoy a good blackjack game without any regrets.

Some of them even compete and go to various tournaments for it.

Wonder who those celebrities may be?

Check out the list I have prepared for you to find out what celebrities are also fun of blackjack.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is already famous for his love for the casino and gambling world, and he just loves playing blackjack. He truly enjoys it.

But, Ben Affleck is especially famous on the poker scene, and his experience with the casino games is really long and well-taught.

He regularly visits and goes to Las Vegas to fulfill his needs for casino games.

And he never misses the chance to play a couple of blackjack rounds as well.

ben affleck playing blackjack

Matt Damon

Everyone knows Matt Damon.

He is widely popular for his famous movies, and he is a very good friend of the actor above, Ben Affleck.

You can meet them often in Las Vegas playing poker, baccarat, and blackjack because they really love the hobby as well.

They are widely popular among other celebrities for being ‘competitive and loving to play for money.

They are the dream duo team no one asked for, but everyone secretly needed it. 

matt damon (left) snd ben affleck (right) playing blackjack

Prince Harry

Everyone knows the red-haired rebel from the British royal family, but not everyone knows that he plays baccarat.

Harry, as we all know him, is a rebel that plays by his own rules, and obviously, no one can stop him.

He has been seen in various casinos in Las Vegas, and everyone saw him, but he couldn’t care less.

Harry is really used to the luxurious life, and he keeps on living it by betting and playing for this famous casino game. 

prince harry

Paris Hilton

The blonde princess of the United States of America is really famous, and she obviously enjoys that life.

She is in the spotlight all the time, and she doesn’t even mind when random fans, people, and the paparazzi themselves follow her in Las Vegas, where she goes to enjoy the casino life. 

paris hilton playing blackjack

Summary of Blackjack

The celebrities aren’t immune to the fun activities the live casino offers.

And even though they already have lots of money, they don’t mind easily earning some more.

The Las Vegas casinos are full of celebrities daily, but can you blame them?

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