Evolution Live Mayfair Online Blackjack: All You Need to Know

You can play the Live Mayfair Online Blackjack on several devices such as smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The game offers you a bet behind option for instances where the seats are unavailable. There are no more than seven table seats, but the Bet Behind option allows a limitless number of players to join the game. The Live Mayfair Online Blackjack also offers two side bets to players, and it is categorized as an eight-deck variant.

All Evolution Gaming Blackjack variants are authentic and exceptional in quality, and there is no exception to the Mayfair Blackjack. The affluent areas in West End London inspired this game's creators because the area is famous for its gambling venues, lush hotels, and exclusive restaurants. The Mayfair Blackjack game offers you a sweet taste of elegance and glamour that you can only experience in most European capitals' uptown areas.

How you can play the William Hill Live Mayfair Blackjack Online

The Mayfair Online Blackjack's primary objective is for you to beat the hand of the dealer without getting or busting a hand that is more than 21 in total. The Blackjack game structure is a standard one where the dealers begin the game round by dealing a card face up to themselves and individual players. The dealer adds the second card to the player’s hands while the dealer gets a card facing down.

After dealing with the cards, you can request an additional card to increase to beat the house by raising the hand total. Another option is for you to wait for the card facing down to be revealed by the dealer. For this specific variant, the dealer has to draw in 16 and stand on soft 17. You also have the option of insurance if you would prefer to be protected against the Blackjack of the dealer.

Besides the standard bets, 21+3 side bets and Perfect Pairs are also part of the Mayfair Blackjack. They come with a different payout table which applies to those hands that consist of similar, suited, or mixed color. It is also applicable for combining the dealers up card and the player's hand that forms three of a kind, straight, flush, and straight flush.

Why Should You Play?

  • You can make use of the live chat feature for interacting with the dealer.
  • The Bet Behind option allows a limitless number of players to join the game.
  • You have the opportunity to pre-select your next move by using the decision feature.
  • The Mayfair Blackjack displays account and game history along with records of payouts, bets, and dates.
  • It has an advanced video game session, betting, and audio settings.

Wrap Up

Evolution gaming has retained its quality level and has provided a thrilling and entertaining alternative to the Live Dealer Blackjack, especially if you enjoy brick and mortar casinos' authentic feel. All the elements of this highly engaging game, from the audio quality and video to the game's interface is designed to allow you to enjoy your gaming experience.  



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