Amazing Features of Ezugi Live Blackjack

Ezugi Live Blackjack is based on the European version of the traditional blackjack. It consists of eight different decks and seven seats. You can place 21+3 side bets while playing. Also, there is the Perfect Pairs bet for you to give yourself an added experience.

This review will touch every bit of Ezugi Live Blackjack, so we got you covered. Read on.

Key Ezugi Live Blackjack Features For Players

As a player, you will enjoy the benefits below with many features to use when playing.

  • There's no break, you can play at any time of the day.
  • You can use the Bet Behind feature
  • You can tip the dealer
  • It's accessible on both mobile devices and desktop computers
  • It includes a live chat feature
  • You can bet on 21+3 side bets plus Perfect Pairs

How to Play Ezugi Live Blackjack

It's easy to play Ezugi Live Blackjack in online casinos, even as a beginner. It's a straightforward process. Once you know the rules of Blackjack, you are good to go.

The screen will display several chips and you need to choose one of them. After a moment, you will get a message to place a bet. Then you need to find an available table, look for the main position, and place your chip on it. In case you want to place side bets, you just need to place it next to the chip. The next thing is to follow the rules and that's it.

The Tables

Ezugi has live studios in Europe and South America. These studios each have unique features that suit the type of market in their location. English is the most used language on the tables. Spanish is also used and sometimes, local languages are added. There is no difference between the tables in all studios except the language and stake levels.

Playing Features

Ezugi is keen on speeding up the time used in playing games. Therefore, they add some features to make it easy for you to play.

Side Bets

There are two side bets and 21+3 bets you can place while placing the main hand. You can also place the Perfect Pairs bet. Bet Behind is not added and that makes it interesting.


This lets you decide what to do before you play. There's no time to waste as all players can select their actions beforehand. However, it can frustrate you sometimes if it does not influence other players.

Playing Options

When playing, you can decide to Stand, Hit, Split, or Double your hand.

Insurance or Surrender

In a case where the dealer is with an Ace, you either must surrender or choose insurance. You will get half of your stake if you surrender.

Disconnection Policy

Ezugi's fair policy makes sure you get your wager back if you are disconnected before your bet is confirmed. If you lost connection after confirmation, you are on a Stand. And you will get paid if you win the dealer.



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