Five Bizarre Gambling Laws Around the World

There are lots of laws around the world that can be considered bizarre. While these laws sometimes cover sensitive topics, other times, they seem downright strange.

Gambling in mobile casinos is fun and is bound by laws. However, there are certain laws binding gambling that are strange.

Some of them are;

In Kentucky, People can Sue for Gambling Losses

When people gamble illegally, it is only normal that punishment follows. This, however, is not the case in Kentucky. In Kentucky, when people gamble illegally, they can get back their money. The law binding this is called the Loss Recovery Act. Under this law, if a gambler loses over $5, they can sue.

Sue Three Times The Amount

Beyond just suing, they can sue three times the amount they lost. Furthermore, if the loser does not sue after six months elapses, another person can sue on their behalf. This, however, must be done in five years.

This law is strange because gamblers are supposed to be responsible for their losses. However, in Kentucky, the state takes responsibility for losses.

Oklahoma Ladies

This law is strange. Women in Oklahoma will be breaking the law if they are nude, have a towel or lingerie on while gambling. This means you will never come across strip poker in Oklahoma.

North Carolina Placed Time Limits on Bingo

In North Carolina, charitable organizations are allowed to offer bingo during a fundraiser. This is great. It, however, comes with lots of restrictions that the average person considers unnecessary.

One regulation governing offering bingo in fundraisers is a session should not exceed five hours. Furthermore, charitable organizations can only host two bingo tournaments in one week.

No Tournament Should Take Place on Two Consecutive Days

That’s not all. None of these tournaments should be held on two consecutive days. This implies that you cannot offer bingo on Friday and Saturday if your fundraiser takes place for two days.

This law has existed for a while, and not many people are sure what its source is. Nonetheless, it is a law you should follow. If a charitable organization fails to follow this law, it could be stripped of its charitable bingo license.

Alabama Dominoes

It is almost common knowledge that playing dominoes in Alabama on Sundays is illegal. This, however, is how lots of people see the law. Nonetheless, the law is more extensive than this. This law covers playing dominoes on Sunday and a lot more. According to this law, shooting, racing, card playing, gaming, or hunting, are illegal on Sundays.

So, while people interpret this law as dominoes cannot be played on Sundays in Alabama, it is more. The law covers a lot more than dominoes. It includes other card games like blackjack and poker.

Gambling Venues in West Virginia

There are several laws binding gambling in West Virginia. Some of these laws are common in places in West Virginia, where gambling is considered illegal.

It is illegal to gamble in taverns and hotels in West Virginia. Furthermore, when hotel or tavern owners convert their outhouse to gambling venues, they will be breaking the law.

As you can see, some of these casino games law are strange. However, you want to make sure you note them so you don’t get in trouble for breaking any laws.



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