Evolution Gaming Mega Ball: Get Huge Rewards!

Mega Ball is the most recent product from Evolution Gaming. It is a bingo-fashioned slot that you’ll get to play with a real dealer.  

You will feel anxiety while playing this casino game due to its lottery nature and the winnable huge cash implication. A player can potentially win up to a million times his stake, of course, with the assistance of Lady Luck.

How to Play Evolution Gaming Mega Ball

Mega Ball begins with the wagering session; buy a card to partake in the draw. There are up to two hundred cards available for you to claim before each draw. Your winnable prizes are a direct reflection of the amount that you bet on each of your cards.

As soon as you obtain your cards, you’ll have to wait for the draw session to occur. There’ll be a random selection of twenty balls deploying the lottery method. Your cards will be auto-marked if the number on it corresponds to the ball. This live game aims to finish up the lines on your card. You’ll earn more prizes when you complete more lines.

You’ll have a five to a hundred times random multiplier when the last ball is drawn. If the last ball concludes one line from your card, you’ll earn even more reward. There is a unique session where there is a release of another mega ball for even a greater chance to win.

Mega Ball combines liver dealer mechanics, bingo, and lottery in one full package. One that functions well at that. Engaging gameplay, gameshow style, and unique design are characteristic of Mega Ball.

Studio Design

The design of this game is yet another captivating one from Evolution Gaming. And one that seamlessly combines cyan and gold colors. The studio changes more, increasing the tension during the last ball draw. It employs creative effects and lights to make this experience more beautiful.

Live Dealer 

Mega Ball is one of the show style rooms of Evolution Gaming. You’ll have a clue of what you’ll expect if you are conversant with Lightning Roulette. The entertainment element of this game is high, the dealer is dynamic, and you can share chitchats with other players.

Evolution Gaming Mega Ball Gameplay 

Even though the game provider affirms that Mega Ball is not a bingo game, it indeed includes some mechanics. It is slower than some of Evolution’s other titles. Nevertheless, there is a suspense factor you’ll experience by knowing that your cards are complete. The last draw is indeed something to experience.

Mega Ball Wagering Strategy and Tips 

The finest strategy of this game is to play the maximum number of two hundred cards, with the least likely wagers. You’ll benefit two things from these:

  • Tons of opportunities to finish your game card lines – with the likelihood of finishing cards.
  • You’ll be in the game for a longer period waiting for complete house card completion. This happens when you play the least bet.


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