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Casino Junket is a trip made by a casino player to participate in a casino game. All top casinos have VIP sections where only high rollers are allowed. The bulk of the casino's income comes from this section.

To maximize VIP rooms, the VIP room operators usually organize special casino events for the VIP. These events are called Casino Junkets.

Participation in a junket is only by invitation, and the junket agents are usually responsible for traveling and accommodation costs. This comes with the condition that the player gambles for a minimum period.

Who Organizes Casino Junkets

Casino junkets are organized by VIP room operators in partnership with the casino owners. The operators hire sub-junkets, also called agents, who are responsible for marketing the junket services.

The agents will contact high rollers and invite them to the events. The invitation might be through phone calls, emails, or advertisements.

What Do Junket Agents Do?

Casino junkets agents are responsible for inviting high rollers to participate in a junket. They are also responsible for the trips and welfare of participants throughout their stay during the junket.

Junket agents will schedule a flight, book accommodation, and organize food, drink, and everything the player needs to be comfortable during the trip.

Junket agents will also assist the player in claiming all his bonuses and promotional offers. They will equally advise their clients on how to satisfy the conditions of the junket service.

If a player runs out of cash during the event, VIP room operators usually lend them money. Agents will be responsible for collecting the loan back after the event.

But why would somebody want to travel a long distance to play casino?

Why Do Players Participate in Junkets?

The primary attraction in Junket is the luxurious trip. Participants in casino junkets are high rollers who would have spent a lot of money even in their local casinos.

So, it wouldn't come at an extra cost to spend the money in a junket. But besides, they will enjoy a free luxurious trip and free accommodation in five-star hotels. Won’t you grab that if you are a high roller?

Casino junkets also give a player the chance to meet other high rollers from different parts of the world.

But what is in for the junket agents in the event?

How Do Junkets Agents Earn money?

VIP room operators and their agents have an agreement with the casino. Sometimes they earn a certain percentage from the profits from the event.

In that case, they will also bear part of the loss, should it end up with losses.

Sometimes Junket agents earn commissions from the money the players spent in the event.

Also, since junket agents are responsible for the players' welfare, most players usually give them tips.

How Can You Participate in a Casino Junket?

Participation is exclusively by invitation. If you wish to participate, you can search for an agent and show your interest. If you need contacts of agents, you can search for them online.


Casino Junket is an all-expenses-paid trip made by a high roller to participate in a casino event. It is only for VIPs, and participation is only by invitation. If you wish to participate, search for the contact of junket agents online and express your interest.



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