Btobet Includes Live Casino Software from Luckystreak

The ground-breaking iGaming software provider, BtoBet, did some fantastic job recently. It recently enhanced B Neuron, the most progressive and dominant iGaming platform and Sportsbook in the industry.

LuckyStreak, a top-rated software provider in the market, supplied some new live dealer casino games to BtoBet.

What Are the Benefits of This?

So, what will this inclusion of live casino software addition do to the operations of BtoBet? The inclusion will enhance the live offerings of BtoBet and feature a wide variety of live table games like Multiplayer Baccarat, Roulette, and Black Jack.

CEO of BtoBet, Alessandro Fried, stated how his company loved the increased level of engagements and interactivity the dealer became due to their recent partnership with LuckyStreak. The knowledge behind this expertise of LuckyStreak's product is entirely in line with their mission statement.

Another executive who works at LuckStreak, Timothy Whitney, said that their company was delighted to work together with Btotet. As a result of this, their level of confidence that their high-quality casino games together with the Artificial Intelligence module from BtoBet will allow their clients to work with increased efficiency and productivity.

In addition, LuckyStreak, as one of the industry's forces, is always in a search for methods that will allow them to raise the bar of live dealer software. This is  with the use of exceptional social tools and ground-breaking technology.

Also, these let operators take advantage of the opportunity provided by customization features, gamification, and habit creation to give a sticky gaming experience. According to Timothy, his company has trusted BtoBet as the right partner to help them achieve that.

BtoBet at the forefront

For iGaming operators, it is a common knowledge that BtoBet is a forerunner of a lot of new and leading technologies. Employing specific technological modules as its primary base for its products has massively increased its engagement.

Also, It provides flexible, secure, and unique cloud-based technologies. These can deliver competences to encourage iGaming business and Sportsbook operations. BtoBet has its official representations in some countries like Malta, Serbia, and Macedonia.

Another location, such as Belgrade and Skopie, has some of their technical branches. These specialized branches can boast of a very fast-rising team of developers.

The Malta branch of BteBet is the center for marketing and commerce while their lively Sportsbook functions directly from Rome. This division of labor has contributed to its vast operational efficiencies.

What is LuckyStreak Doing?

LuckyStreak, on the other hand, has taken the bold step of taking the live casino experience to a whole new level. They did this by incorporating style, and innovation into a worthwhile and attractive live casino experience.

They raise the player value by incorporating reward hooks and customization inclusions into the live gaming experience. This produces habit loops, which imply increased engagement.

Also, the live casino at LuckStreak can run on a flexible, and high-grade structure built using a novel technology to enhance optimal user experience.



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