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Do you know what virtual betting is? Learn here on Casinoble Canada what they are and how to take advantage of this type of betting.

What is Virtual Betting?

Sports betting sites are constantly innovating in the world of sport. From physical bookmakers to online casinos, then came the option of playing on mobile casinos, and now they are offering a new possibility to players: virtual betting.

These are computer simulations, as if it were a video game, where players can bet on different sports at any time, as they are on-demand games that are available 24 hours a day. 

Virtual betting has a great advantage in that it is always available; moreover, you can find out if the bet is a winner in just a few seconds or enjoy the virtual event you have bet on to see it in pictures with all the excitement. It is a fun and very useful pastime during holiday periods when sports betting options are not so abundant, and it allows us to enjoy betting at any time and from anywhere.

Virtual Football Betting

Can you imagine living a virtual football match, but betting as if it were real? This is possible with virtual football betting. Two teams face each other, and we can bet on different markets such as 1 – X – 2 winner, double chance bet, predict whether there will be more or less goals or go for an exact result.

To help us in our decision, the football betting site offers us some statistical data of each team such as their last six results, the goal average, both for and against, or their strength, which would be the virtual synonym of their form. With all this data we can make our prediction and ‘start the match'.

Afterwards, we will see a brief summary with the goals and the most interesting plays of the match that lasts just one minute, although we can also go directly to the final result if we want to see if our bet has been a winner.

It is important to know that these are not official teams, but that the names correspond to cities such as Dublin, Liverpool, Istanbul, Munich, Glasgow, Paris, etc. In some cases, the colors of the teams match those of the representative teams of those capitals, but in others they do not. But in no case should they be confused with the teams of the Champions League.

Other Virtual Bets

In addition to football, basketball and UFC for example, there are other virtual sports available to players. Casinoble offers the possibility of betting on motorbikes in motocross races, on the velodrome or on trotting, races in which a horse pulls a jockey who is mounted on a cart moved by two wheels thanks to the best gambling sites in Canada!

Now that you know what virtual betting is, why not give it a try? You have the option to play in ‘demo mode', without real money, until you get the hang of it and then you can bet to have fun and, at the same time, win a good chunk of cash.



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