Microgaming: Two New Great Table Games

Online casino gaming has just gotten a notch more smooth, bringing it close to being right on the table.

Game developer Switch Studios delivered two new casino games for Microgaming with yet another demonstration of their talent and experience in the online gaming market. Concurrently, this is yet another exciting new experience for online gamers who look forward to a fresh feel to the familiar.

Introducing smooth and slick European Blackjack and classy American Roulette, two latest addictive live casino games to enter the online gaming world. Anyone who enjoys online casino gaming will it a test run.

The European Blackjack

The familiar blue dealing table welcomes you to the European Blackjack online game with the voice of a transparent, warm English female dealer. The cards appear at the bottom of the screen, with the casino cards at the top slightly down.

The game title and snippets of gaming instructions are simply printed lightly at the center: Pays 3 to 2, Dealer Must Stand On All 17… A distinct blue-shaded circle is where your chips are set, and your selected cards are just above it. Toggles for game settings in midnight black background with reflective edges make the adjustments spiffy and easy.

The chip sound, card flips, dealer's speech, and soft casino music give it a familiar, easy-by-the-table experience.

The game has options for Split Hands, Insurance, and Double Down.

European blackjack games are available for play on cell phones, tablets and laptops.

The European Blackjack truly is an enjoyable experience, even as one plays the most popular card game online.


The American Roulette

This most recent version of Microgaming’s American Roulette is truly eye-catching. They’ve put in better styling with American themed feel and design and a genuinely welcoming addition of a realistic 3D roulette wheel. Even the roulette ball rolls and bounces in the wheel’s grooves realistically.

This version of online roulette uses a reliable gaming algorithm to display previous spin results and betting data.

The game platform allows for Saving Preferred Bet options or using special bets for many selected positions from historical choices. A superiorly designed racetrack feature allows players to make alternative bets on a window display, enabling more experienced gamers to refined choices.

The American Roulette also runs seamlessly on mobile, tablets,s and laptops, allowing gamers to switch between the portrait and landscape modes.

Gaming Heads Speak

European Blackjack and American Roulette welcome additions to this ever-growing online casino gaming industry.

Switch CEO Tom David wants to make table games fun and easy to play anytime, anywhere.

Microgaming's chief of gaming compliments Switches Studios' European Blackjack and American Roulette.

Immersion, realism, and customization are vital features that make gaming more relevant today through amazing visuals, community interactivity, and ubiquity.

European Black Jack or American Roulette…

Game on.

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