Review of Live Celebrity Blackjack Party

Live Celebrity Blackjack Party is a live casino release from Evolution Gaming. However, this table is not for someone who hates noise and the idea of socializing with other players. There are lots of chit-chats that accompany the gameplay.

This table gives you a feeling of the commotion that is usually prevalent at tables in land-based casinos. Those who understand the true meaning of gambling and make the best out of the fun it affords will find it easy to fall in love with this live game.

Live Celebrity Blackjack Party is excellent for you and your friends to participate as a group activity. It is akin to walking down to the nearest land-based casino to you without anyone having to leave your house.

General  Rules and Information

The Live Celebrity Blackjack Party is hosted in Chambre Separate, inside Evolution Gaming studio. The players who are familiar with live-dealer games on the evolution platform already understand how well lit the studios are.

The Live Celebrity Blackjack Party's studio doesn't fall short of the Evolution Gaming standard in any way in terms of design or professionally trained dealers. There are usually two dealers who are there to fill the atmosphere with vibes and so much fun.

As you progress in the game, the dealers come up with interesting discussions and topics that do not directly correlate with the game you are playing. Instead, the atmosphere becomes lively with a burst of laugher as if a bachelor party is in progress. Sometimes you may even have to discuss private affairs.

Other Amazing Features

The most appealing aspect of this game is the friendly environment that it creates where people who just met at the casino table interact like they have known each other for a long time, just like what happens in a real-world casino.

The dealer starts by telling funny stories about topics like his childhood, relationship, holiday plans, etc. Along the line, other players join the discussion and share their own life stories and plans. These are displayed for everyone to read through a live chat feature.

Usually, the most exciting sessions are those where the topics being discussed is something that the dealer is interested in. Before you know it, you will be immersed in other people's life who you have never met in the real world.

If at any time you are uninterested in this side attraction or the topic being discussed is something you are not interested in, you can use the mute feature to remove the noise of the dealer. You can also turn off the live chat functionality so that you don't see what other players are discussing and focus more on your game.



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