Next Generation Roulette from Microgaming

The new roulette online game has been redesigned to bring our new features compared to the old versions of favourite casino games found on Microgaming websites. The casino game has updated and more advanced features ranging from performance to visuals which are more realistic and stunning currently.

The user interface has also received an update and can run on both smartphone devices and desktop computers smoothly; hence players can quickly access the game anywhere. Besides, it has a sleek and sophisticated design. Players can effortlessly follow up on their bet progress whenever they are at any time.

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Origin of Roulette Gaming

Roulette dates back to the 17th century thanks to Blaise Pascal. It was in 1720 just a hybrid spinning game. The game dominated in France until 1843 when it was presented in Germany by Francois and Louis. Roulette began gaining popularity in the 19th century when it spread around Europe and the United States.

The game became more popular in Las Vegas in the 20th century. It has developed in most parts of the country and worldwide. The game has undergone multiple changes in numbers, colours, and wheel spins to make the game more fun and productive.

The performance of the game is improving significantly. From a new engine accompanied by additional enhancements and more advanced controls such as favourites, racetrack betting and more. It also has a clear and superior sound effect as well as access to bet boards and additional betting options.

Players can quickly view their spin history and other related data, and equally crucial in simple betting processes. Roulette is accessible from all online casinos by Microgaming to enjoy the future of live gaming capabilities.

Switch Studios began testing the game’s mobile interface achieving a level breaking results which got included in the new online table game, roulette.

What Developers Say About the New Online Table Game

Roulette has received positive remarks. Plus, many players appreciate it which also includes the team involved in the creation of the game. David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming, stated that they are proud to have partnered with Switch Studios in the development of the game.

According to Reynolds, the company focuses on improving and developing more online table games other than roulette. However, roulette has more advanced features for a new generation with its 3D realistic wheel. Hence, the addition to the Microgaming portfolio.

Another company official, Tom David, who operates as the Head of Studio at Switch Studios commented that they are also happy with the success of the project of releasing the next generation online roulette game.

As an establishing company in the business, David mentioned that Switch Studios would utilize the success of roulette to develop more classic games in the future.

David also said that they have input their resources on Blackjack online games to make it better in the coming months. Players can now test the new roulette game on any online live casinos powered by Microgaming.



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