New to Sic Bo – Some Tips

If you are familiar with the online gambling platform, you have seen people play Sic-Bo before. It is an ancient game that used to be played in China. The popularity of the game spread across the continent and eventually the world.
If you are new to the online casino gambling scene, Sic-Bo may the perfect game for you. There are not many skills involved, and it entirely depends on your luck or ‘probability’ as some of us call it.


What is Sic-Bo

To say it in one sentence, Sic-Bo is a dice game. In China, it is known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu. In this dice game, three dice pieces are used, and the bet needs to be on the results of these dice.
In online gambling platforms, an algorithm will shake the dices and will provide results that entirely depend on probability.

Rules of the game

Sic-Bo will have a lot of results or outcomes that you can bid on. For example, the results of the dices can be a specific number, odd or even, two of the dices can have the same amount, the sum of the amount can be between a particular ratio, etc.
So, the rule of the game is to just bet on the possible outcomes. There are specific odds for specific results. Let's have a look at the odds.


If you are new in online gambling, you probably had issues understanding what odds are. When it comes to Sic-Bo, the odds are straightforward to understand. Let’s have a look at the odds of Sic-Bo:

1. Triple

Triple is the rarest odd that can happen. It is when all three of the dices have the same results. For example, if you see all the dices showing 3, it means it is a triple. So if you guess the results of a triple, you win the pay-back amount of 150:1. Which means if you bet €10, you get €1500.

2. Double

Two of the three dices having the same result is not as rare as a triple but still pretty rare. A double happens when you see that two of the three dices are showing the same result. It has a pay-out rate of 8:1.

3. Two dice combination

Two of the three dices can have fifteen different combinations. For example [11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22..]. You have to choose from these fifteen combinations and bid on them.

4. Any number

You can bid on any number you like. In this case, you don’t have to choose from any combinations.

5. Odd & Even

One of the most straightforward bet is the Odd and Even. You just have to choose if the sum of the dices is odd or the opposite. The chance of winning is 50%, and the pay-back rate is 1:1.

6. High and low

There are two series, 4-10 and 11-17. You have to guess from which one of them, the sum of the dices will be. There is a nearly 50% chance of winning, and the pay-back ratio is 1:1.

7. Total

You have to guess the total sum of the dices. In this case, you have to give a specific number. It can be very rare to guess the exact total sometimes.

The live casino game is very fun in online betting sites, and if you love other board games, you will love this, too. There are many chances of winning, and even newbies who have never known to gamble before can understand the concept easily and start playing. If you are new to Sic-Bo, the suggestion for you will be to gambling on stuff where you have a high percentage of winning.



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