Las Vegas: No Longer Subject to Restrictions

While some countries are considering an even stricter lockdown, casinos in Las Vegas are rejoicing: Having reopened completely on June 1, 2021.

We would now like to explain what this means, and which restrictions will still apply.

No More Restrictions on Occupancy

In Las Vegas, the casinos have been open again for several months.

However, in the beginning, they were only allowed to operate with a load factor of 25 percent, a little later the percentage was increased to 50.

This restriction applied not only to the casinos and gambling halls but also to the associated hotels.

As a result, the city resembled a ghost town – these words went through the press just a few weeks ago.

Hardly anyone probably expected that things would suddenly change.

On April 13, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that as of June, social distancing will no longer apply in Nevada and thus no minimum distance will be required.

From this point on, there will be no more restrictions for casinos and hotels, and as many people will be allowed to flock to casinos again as Las Vegas is known for worldwide.

Some businesses may even rejoice earlier because the minimum distance will already be adopted in May.

The absence of the minimum distance could attract customers again.

The only thing that will continue to apply is the mask requirement.

Not only the casino operators are happy about this positive development, but first and foremost the employees.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a very large number of employees have been laid off.

These are likely to return to their old jobs.

Openings Are Thanks to Vaccinations

In the USA, more than 200 million vaccinations have already been administered.

This high number is now thanks to the opening of casinos.

According to public reports, 50 percent of all adults have already received at least one vaccination dose.

This means that 30 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated.

Biden promised that by the end of May there will be enough vaccines to inoculate all adults.

This alone may not be the reason casinos in Las Vegas are allowed to open so quickly.

In January, it was decided that casino employees would be vaccinated first.

Gambling operator Cosmopolitan even goes a step further, promising its workforce just a few days ago that it would pay out a large bonus amount if 80 percent of its employees had been vaccinated by May 1, 2021.

The bonus amount per employee ranges from $50 to $500 and depends on the number of employees vaccinated.

Those who refuse to be vaccinated will have to take a coronary test once a week.

Also hidden in these ideas is the hope that the pandemic will be contained and that everything will soon be back to normal.

After all, in Nevada, 40 percent of residents over 16 have already been vaccinated.

Casinos Open Vaccination Clinics for Employees

Cosmopolitan is no exception; other casinos have already made vaccinations mandatory for employees.

Those who refuse must submit a negative Corona test each week.

To convince employees to get vaccinated and make it easier, some casinos have already launched internal vaccination clinics.

In these, not only employees but also their family members can get vaccinated.

In Nevada, not only adults but all persons over the age of 16 are allowed to be vaccinated.

The following casino operators offer their own vaccination centers:

  • MGM Resorts
  • Caesars
  • The Cosmopolitan

Wynn had another idea: Wynn's Encore Las Vegas has been home to UMC's vaccination clinic since January.

Wynn employees can get vaccinated there.

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