iPhone Casino Canada

iPhone Casino Canada

iPhone casino canada

iPhone users don’t have to stay behind the ever-growing trend of gambling games – there are many brilliant iPhone casinos in Canada, each offering a substantial game selection and lucrative bonuses.

If you’d like to get your hands on the best iPhone casinos and their bonuses, check our bonus listing or keep reading to learn more about iPhone online casinos.

iPhone casino canada

Useful tips:

  • Use the iOS browser to play casino games
  • No casino app needed
  • Redeem a first deposit bonus when signing up


Thanks to clever and technologically advanced online casinos, every Canadian can now enjoy gambling via iPhone or iPad.

Even better – most of the times, no special iPhone casino app is necessary since you can access casino games with just a few taps, using the built-in browser.

Make sure to equip your iPhone with a good stable internet connection, so you wouldn’t suffer from any glitches or issues, but other than that, iPhone gambling is available right away.

Find the best iPhone casino website by using our extensive comparison list, sign up today and don’t forget to grab some great bonus offers while at it – this way, you can get even more out of your iPhone gambling session.


Pros and Cons

  • Easy and quick to use
  • No special app downloads needed
  • Great selection of online slots
  • Apple Pay may not always be available
  • Gambling is limited to a small screen
  • Sluggish internet connection may cause issues


Yes, gambling apps are completely legal in Canada. There are many great Canadian iPhone casinos available via either special iPhone apps or mobile browser. But as a Canadian, you have access to mobile play at any time.


Yes, you can absolutely enjoy online gambling on iPhone devices, no matter the version you’re using. Almost all modern online gambling platforms are perfectly tailored for mobile gaming, and work well on any iPhone.


Yes, you can win actual real money with iPhone slots, as long as you play real money games. You can always practice games via a free casino app, but to win real money, you should use real money wagers.


Yes, iPhone gamblers may receive many exclusive bonuses on an ongoing basis, starting with deposit bonuses and ending with free spins, cashback or even high roller bonuses. You can find out more by checking out our bonus listings.


As a Canadian player you can consider yourself lucky – there are tens of high-quality and versatile online casinos available for you. To find the best possible online casino for your gambling taste, use our comparison – we’ve highlighted and reviewed the best online casino sites in Canada, all of which also allow credit cards.


Yes, iPhone casino games are completely safe, if you play on licensed and verified online casinos. Make sure to only sign up at licensed casinos in Canada – that way you can always ensure your safety.

Whether you can use Apple Pay in iPhone online casinos depends on the specific casino. Not all casinos support Apple Pay yet due to its specific nature, but you can always use your debit card or bank account for deposits, even if Apple Pay isn’t available.

Basics of Using an iPhone Casino

The Basics of Using an iPhone Casino

Basics of Using an iPhone Casino

Online iPhone casinos in Canada can be divided into two categories: the ones available via a special iPhone app and the ones available only via the mobile browser.

This distinction is quite important, especially if you prefer gambling via the browser.

As interesting as it may seem, though, most iPhone casino sites are actually only available via browser – there’s no iPhone casino app available at all.

This may be good news for many since there’s no need to download any extra apps and spend more of your disk space on apps.

iPhone mobile casino sites work like a charm via the device’s built-in browser – it all works exactly the same as via desktop.

Just open the casino’s URL, log in and all popular iPhone casino games are available there.

For a bit more advanced gameplay (especially in the sports wagering field), you may have special apps, too, tailored exactly to the needs of the iOS operating system.

In the case of the latter option, you can find the best free casino app by going through the reviews we’ve published right here – all the best casino apps in Canada are listed, so you could easily download an appropriate app and get started.

The Benefits of iPhone Casinos

Have you made any online purchases with your credit card before?

You probably have and if that’s so, using a VISA casino (or any other card option) will be as smooth and easy as you could imagine.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the main steps that describe how credit card deposits work.

There are plenty of reasons as to why you may want to play casino games via Apple devices.

First and foremost, it’s mostly about convenience, but here are the top three reasons that are especially important.

  • Easily accessible – You can start playing in mobile casinos extremely fast. Signing up and getting started takes barely a couple of minutes, plus there’s mostly no need to download any apps to access games.
  • No separate mobile casino app needed – One of the best parts of iPhone casinos is the lack of having a special app. You don’t have to add any iPhone apps to access games since all the best iPhone casinos are available via the browser.
  • Plenty of bonus offers – iPhone users can enjoy a plentiful bonus selection. From a special welcome bonus to regular free spins – you can always reap special promotions on your iPhone.

The Downsides of iPhone Casinos

Now you may be wondering if there are even any downsides to iPhone casinos – it all seems so perfect, doesn’t it?

Well, even the best iPhone casinos aren’t a match made in heaven for every gambler.

Here are three important disadvantages to keep in mind.

Limited screen space – When you play mobile games, you need to consider the lack of screen space. Even though slots may be optimized for iPhones, the smaller screen may be troublesome for some.

Connection issues – Poor internet connection may result in you losing out on some winnings. You never want that to happen, so having a strong internet connection is incredibly important.

All games may not work – Though usually, you can enjoy any games on iPhone, it’s not a guarantee. Some casino games may not always work on iPhone casinos, even if they’re available on the desktop version.

How to Start Playing at iPhone Casinos

Getting started at the best iPhone casinos is much easier than you may have expected.

In a nutshell, there are just five steps to follow when playing via your mobile device – and we’re giving a quick rundown on all of these right below.

  1. Pick any of the recommended casinos. Check out the list of the best iPhone casinos in Canada to get started – all of the recommended casino sites have been thoroughly tested and checked.
  2. Download the dedicated app or sign up on the web. After picking any of the best iPhone casinos, you can either directly sign up or download the app.
  3. Provide some contact details. After downloading the app (or signing up on the web version), you’ll have to provide a few contact details, such as your name, address and birthday.
  4. Make a deposit. Once the account is ready, you can proceed with your deposit. Use any of the available payment methods and make your first deposit (don’t forget to also claim a welcome bonus or first deposit free spins).
  5. Play online casino games. Now, your iPhone casino account should be ready, and you can get started with real money gambling!

Deposit and Withdrawals at iPhone Online Casinos

Deposit and Withdrawals

When it comes to depositing money for real money casino games, every online casino has an array of payment options available, so in some sense, it doesn’t even matter whether you’re playing in iPhone casinos or regular ones.

Deposits and withdrawals aren’t always the easiest subject, though, as there are several factors to consider, like the following three main concern areas.

Transaction fees

When you’re dealing with real money gambling, you may be hit with some transaction fees.

Luckily, the best iPhone casinos in Canada don’t tend to ask for any fees, no matter how big or small the deposit is.

But that’s not an absolute rule – there may be online casino sites that ask for a small fee on withdrawals (e.g. 5 CAD).

These fees may rack up your expenses quite a bit, so most gamblers avoid online casino platforms that have high transaction fees.

Make sure to double-check the payment system – you usually don’t want to sign up at online casinos that have transaction fees.

Payment methods

The best iPhone casinos accommodate gamblers with plenty of different payment methods that are available for both deposits and withdrawals.

As a general rule, casinos in Canada require you to use the same payment method for all transactions, so you should choose an appropriate method right off the bat.

Since iPhone online casinos are tailor-made for mobile devices, payment methods usually also work for a mobile device.

This means you can usually deposit money to your casino account by using a credit or debit card or electronic wallet systems.

Some of the best iPhone casinos may even use PayPal or Apple Pay – these two options provide quick and smooth transactions.

In any case, you can always transfer money via a card or a bank account.

Payment limits

Payment limits are the trickiest part of every online casino, and sadly, these are also the cause of the most headaches and arguments.

Whenever you make a deposit or withdrawal, you’ll need to consider the minimum and maximum allowed payment limits.

These limits vary tremendously depending on the online casino and the payment method.

Maximum withdrawals may be the toughest part to solve, however, since you usually want to have an online casino where you can make as high withdrawals as possible – in case you win big.

Some online casinos in Canada may have rather small withdrawal limits, e.g. a few thousand dollars per month.

However, all casinos have such a huge variety in their payment limits and rulings, so always read the rules before signing up.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Best Online Casino Games for iPhone

Still not quite sure what you can play at iPhone casinos?

iPhone casino apps are packed with thousands of free games that can be enjoyed just for fun, or for real money (to have a chance of winning some real money yourself).

Here are the three main game categories you can find from the best iPhone casinos.

Video slots

Slot machines make up the absolute majority of any online casino.

And lucky for iPhone users: iPhone casinos in Canada have thousands of slots, with all kinds of themes, mechanics and bonus systems.

One of the most prominent (and adrenaline-packed) type of slots to enjoy on mobile casinos are progressive slots.

In these slots, you can hunt the massive progressive jackpot that may reach millions and millions of dollars!

All the top online casinos carry progressive jackpot games, including some top names like Mega Moolah or WowPot slots.

In many of these video slots, you can also enjoy various bonus mechanics, including in-game free spins or other bonus games.

The greatest perk of slots: there are free play options available in slots, so you can first play free casino games and only then bet with real cash.

All the best iPhone casinos always carry free games, too, so take advantage of that opportunity.

Customer support

Customer support is an often overlooked factor that deserves much bigger focus by Canadian gamblers.

Often, you could have resolved most issues and questions by simply choosing a casino that has proper customer support.

Neglecting to consider this factor may end up with big issues afterwards and that’s not something you want to experience when dealing with credit cards.

When you’re thinking of signing up at a casino site, first check the customer support briefly by contacting the casino’s chat and asking a few quick questions.

This quick simple test will give you a clear overview of the site’s capabilities and you’ll most definitely understand whether you can trust the site or not.

Live casino games

Another massively popular game niche involves live dealer games – casino games where you can enjoy the company of a beautiful professional casino dealer who organizes and handles the whole gameplay, just like in physical casinos.

iPhone casinos pack all the classic card and table games you would expect from a casino: baccarat, blackjack, roulette and poker.

New casinos now also pack fun gameshows, primarily made by Evolution Gaming (and by Pragmatic Play).

These gameshows have all the glitz and glam, and often include bonus wheels or other awesome mechanics.

Some of these live casino games include cool titles like Dream Catcher, Monopoly or Deal or No Deal.

Game selection

Clearly, game selection matters quite significantly when deciding which casino works the best for your taste.

As a general trend, most online casinos in Canada offer a huge range of online slots and live dealer games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, online poker and gameshows.

Some casinos may also incorporate sports betting with esports and live betting – and yes, all of this is available via credit cards.

Slots are the king at every casino, though, and all modern online casino sites include thousands of fun slot machines, including Megaways slots, jackpot slots, Bonus Buy games and many other great options.

Poker games

Many of us know and love poker, and luckily, iPhone casinos also include poker games.

Some online casinos may have special poker apps for more professional gameplay – these apps are used even by poker professionals.

However, if you’re still new to poker, you can enjoy video poker games: a hybrid between classic poker and slots.

Both of these options may be available at top casinos, so you can play games that involve poker hands in many different versions.

Sports betting

Sports fans can make real money bets on their favourite sports teams and events thanks to a great new gambling option: sports betting.

Top Canadian iPhone casinos allow betting on both classic sports (like football, golf, baseball, etc) or modern esports.

Often, you’ll have a special sports app available, facilitating quicker and easier betting action.

How to Pick

6 Tips on How to Pick the Best iPhone Casino Site

How to Pick

Thanks to great technology and strong game developers, iPhone gambling is more accessible than ever before.

However, before you jump into the fun, you need to select the best gambling apps carefully – it’s not exactly a choice to make without giving the decision much thought.

We’ve got you covered, though, with these six essential tips that teach you how to pick out the best casino app for your needs.

Gambling license

The absolute first factor to always consider: all casinos in Canada should have a valid gambling operator’s license.

Top casinos are properly licensed by some notable gambling jurisdictions, such as the UK, Malta or Curacao.

You may find these three often, and many would agree that a license issued in UK or Malta are the superior ones.

Whatever the case though, you always want to make sure the chosen iPhone casino has been licensed (and the gambling license is currently valid).

Favourite games

There are thousands of online casino games available, and even more so, you can play free games to try out different options.

Every gambler has their own taste and preference: some enjoy slots, some prefer jackpot games, some want to play live dealer games or video poker.

It all depends, but of course, before signing up you should check whether the casino carries your favourite options.

In the best case scenario, your preferred online casino should have at least 20-30 different game providers to ensure there’s plenty of variety and fun.

Great navigation

When gambling on your phone, design and navigation becomes one of the top priorities.

You obviously don’t want to play on a glitchy site, so before committing to opening an account, scroll around the site, click through different sections and buttons and see the overall vibe of the site.

Many Canadian online casinos have even special themes or cool interactive design features to increase your overall enjoyment – consider that, too, if that’s something you care about.


There are some gamblers who don’t care much for bonuses, but we’d still recommend considering iPhone casino bonuses highly, since it may make a tremendous difference in the long run.

First, after signing up you may get to redeem welcome bonuses that add some bonus funds or free spins to your balance.

The more funds at your disposal, the longer your game session may be.

In addition to the initial welcome bonus, almost all casinos have a special deposit bonus every week, plus tons of free spins, campaigns and promotions.

Compare bonuses right away before opting for a suitable casino, so you can always reap the best promotions.

Fair payment terms

We touched on the issue of payment methods and limits above already, but it’s one of the most important considerations, so we really need to highlight: never sign up at a casino if you haven’t checked out the company’s payment terms.

From transaction fees to methods and payment limits, all casinos have different payment terms, and even slight differences may become cumbersome later.

Pay special attention to withdrawal limits and ensure the monthly and weekly payment limits match your expectations.

Professional customer service

In most cases, iPhone gambling is smooth and doesn’t require much questioning, but even in the best cases, you may need customer support’s help.

Some casinos have a small FAQ section, but that’s not necessarily enough to cover your needs.

We recommend opting for a casino with live chat (even better if it’s available 24/7), so you would have a professional team backing you always.

This is a step you shouldn’t miss: it may change everything for you.


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