Hard Rock Launches New Blackjack App

Florida, US-based gambling giant Hard Rock International is best known worldwide for its land-based operations. In the meantime, however, the company is increasingly focusing on online solutions as well. Only a short time ago, a live slot offer was adopted, with which players can play at the casinos' slot machines from home. Now the next “prank” follows immediately.

Together with the Irish developer Kama Games, the new app “Hard Rock Blackjack” was launched.

This app is supposed to offer much more than just a few rounds at the blackjack table.

Video Poker and Table Games Available in the App

Just a few weeks ago, Hard Rock International caused a stir when it launched its own slots app.

With this, players can play slot games in their own homes that would otherwise require a trip to a Hard Rock casino.

Especially in times of the Corona crisis, this is an effective means.

Now Hard Rock is following up with the next development.

Together with the Irish company Kama Games, the Americans have now released the app “Hard Rock Blackjack”.

This is a social casino app that mainly features table games.

According to the company, these are “top-class 3D versions” of the table games blackjack, craps, baccarat, and roulette.

In addition to that, there is apparently a big focus on video poker games.

This fits in with the focus of Kama Games.

The company is making its entire portfolio available for the new app.

And as we know, that is primarily designed for the poker games.

Advantageous Partnership for Both Sides

In terms of content, however, the new app is apparently to have much more to offer.

As Kresimir Spajic reports as Vice President Online Gaming at Hard Rock, players are to have access to “competitive poker tournaments.”

Among others, these are said to be shootout tournaments, Sit ‘N' Go, weekly tournaments and multi-table tournaments.

In addition, poker variants such as classic Texas Hold'em, Split Bet Poker or Set Poker are to be available.

In addition, the “unique party mode” is said to be particularly interesting, but the companies did not describe it in detail in advance.

The vice president said of the partnership:

“This is a mutually beneficial partnership. We are here to provide the best games currently available in the world. Hard Rock has also already seen positive results in the use of mobile games. We want to offer the legendary Hard Rock experience that our guests have come to expect from us around the world in a digital format.”

The partnership with Kama Games is therefore an important factor in expanding the company's presence in the online market, he said.

Numerous other game modes, tournaments and even online slots are to be integrated into the app before the end of the year.

In addition, advertising campaigns and further projects with the Irish partner are planned.

However, it is not yet known to what extent all plans may have to be put on the back burner due to the ongoing Corona crisis.

However, the app can already be used by players from numerous countries.

The app is offered in a total of 28 languages. And: The Messenger function is particularly interesting at this time.

Players can exchange information with other players via Messenger or send them small virtual gifts.

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