Four Famous Female Figures Of Poker History

They are legendary in more ways than just within the gambling world itself. These four Leading Ladies of poker carry tremendous history and many that play the casino game or are just plain history buffs altogether, wish they could play just one round with these colourful characters and leaders of industry from the past and up to the present.

One can only imagine sitting across from “Poker Alice”. Surrounded in a blue haze of cigar smoke while dressed in the finest outfits of the day. Plus, hearing her Irish brogue amongst the clamber of the game itself.

On the other side of the table would be Annie Oakley. Perhaps with her tell-tale rifle leaning against something nearby. Ready for use in case the game itself became out of hand during the contest.

Then there would be the modern-day legend and Poker Hall Of Famer herself. Barbara Enright was the only woman to ever play in the World Series of Poker.

Overlooking this imaginary contest and standing aside looking prim and proper, would be one of the pioneers of the legal gaming itself, Mayme Stocker. She was the first woman to receive a lawful gaming license and truly aiding with the ascendance of the popular sport and gaming industry altogether.

Good poker players tend to have a feel for their opponents. They also want to know as much about them as possible. Here is a good time to examine these dynamic, colourful and fascinating four females in some further detail:

Mayme Stocker

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As mentioned earlier, the industry of poker, gaming, and presently online gaming all around, can be absolutely attributed to Mayme's arrival and subsequent entry into Las Vegas back in 1911.

She relocated to Las Vegas reluctantly from Reading, Pennsylvania with her children after years of constant moves while following her husband during his railroad career.

Tired of this nomadic existence altogether, Mayme was determined to finally settle down. In what was at that time a small and dusty crossroads of a town that was Vegas back then.

The railroad industry back in the early 20th Century could be economically unstable. So Mayme decided to pick up a second income by opening what was known as the Northern Club on Fremont Street to cover her husband's furloughs and layoffs in between.

The popularity of gambling and poker altogether did not go unnoticed and Mayme took advantage of this by procuring a license for the club in 1931.

From there, as they say, “the rest is history”, as Mayme Stocker is not only famous around Las Vegas as one of its founding residents, but also a worldwide noteworthy individual amongst the gaming community to this day.

Alice “Poker” Ivers

In the annals of famous western characters, Poker Alice is amongst the pantheon.

Her good looks, charms, mannerism-and most importantly her poker playing-the ability to count cards and read people's actions-propelled Ivers into legendary status back in the early 20th Century.

The need for sheer economic survival propelled Alice into the gambling world. After the death of her first husband and with the failure involving other career pursuits.

She was also a savvy businesswoman and ahead of her time. She opened up a brothel and a gambling house within a saloon in South Dakota that had only one stipulation. There was no gambling, drinking, or brothel activities on Sundays.

Ivers was so strict on this rule, that she once physically enforced this onto a group of rowdy Army men staying overnight in the saloon by firing off a .38 revolver to settle them down.

However, this action earned her imprisonment for a time. Following this, due to the nature of the industry she was involved with and other facets. She would be arrested a few more times during her very colourful life.

Annie Oakley

Not really a renowned Poker Player, per se. This legendary celebrity of the travelling Buffalo Bill's Wild West shows of the 1880s. It was reported that Annie blasted a playing card full of holes before it hit the floor after being dropped from a table.

If nothing else, Oakley would provide more than enough amusement during a virtual match like this one presently.

Barbara Enright

Poker Hall Of Fame inductee, Enright, has a giant resume in the gaming industry. She is still active today as she holds the title of Ambassador for the Poker League Of Nations currently. As well as editor for Woman Poker Player magazine. Add to this, she wears three World Series Of Poker bracelets. Plus, it is stated she has earned over $1,650,000 during her playing career.

However, Enright is more than likely grateful for her career. And probably gives frequent thanks to the pioneers of the industry. Such as Alice Ivers, Mayme Stocker, and Annie Oakley to name just a few.

One would think Barbara would be ideal to perhaps garnish some tips and tricks against the likes of Poker Alice. In what would be a truly unforgettable match that many gaming enthusiasts would absolutely covet if one should be able to enjoy such an event.



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