Ezugi Live Roulette: How to Play

Ezugi's live roulette is European single-zero roulette. A game session is done in a physical studio and streamed live. This game, however, has a setback when it comes to its feature’s richness.

Nevertheless, it still proffers an exciting gaming experience with its high video quality, beautiful dealers, and good player interface. During a game session, dealers speak English, then say the same thing in Spanish.

Ezugi Live Roulette Audio and Video

There are two camera positions during the game session, which show the roulette and dealer. The casino game gives you the option to pick any sides. The camera's first position shows the dealer's front view, while the second provides a bird's view of the wheel. During the game session, cameras don't alternate. All of the actions are shown from a fixed POV throughout.

The live stream quality is relatively good. You can also choose either the low or high video option in the setting menu. The sound is good as well; muting and volume control are the two audio options.

Ezugi Live roulette Rules

This game rule does not differ from the conventional European roulette rules. The laws permit inside and outside bets, call, and neighbors bet. Alongside other special traditional bets, the game also offers a bet called the “Red/Black” split bet. This bet has 4 or 7 split beds on only the red or black numbers. Ezugi live roulette employs a standard payout plan, which includes a house advantage of 2.7%.

The main table area and the race track is at the far edge of the screen, and this, however, is a strange approach; to add to it, when you click a small button close to the table layout, its constituents disappear from the screen.

Game Statistics and Features

To see roulette stats, all you have to do is click a related button in the toolbar, which displays the recent ten winning numbers, a wheel map, five hot and cold numbers, and a table that shows all the winning numbers of the last 100 spins. However, it is quite unfortunate that the platform has no personal betting history record.

You can also choose to tip your dealers. To tip your dealer, you click on the tipping slot and select your amounts. The game also includes a chat panel for communicating with your dealer and the support team inclusive. When not in use, the chat panel shrinks into a minimal board.

Benefits of Playing Ezugi Live Roulette

  • Live roulette tables have no limit to the number of players.
  • Friendly Croupiers
  • Racetracks are readily available for placing call bets
  • The main screen shows the Hot and Cold numbers and previous outcomes
  • Several Camera Positions
  • Chat Panel for chatting with live dealers

Ezugi Live Roulette: Should You Play?

Ezugi took a true casino classic and modelled in for an enjoyable live dealer experience, making an excellent result out of it. Though roulette is available in almost all live casinos, this one introduces several new features. These features help to keep the players enthralled while giving them a feeling of thrill. To top it all, players have access to several bets, enabling them to have the full advantage.



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