Ezugi Live Andar Bahar: What you Need to Know

The Andar Bahar game is not very popular in online casinos. This is sort of surprising, especially considering its increasing popularity in countries other than India. Ezugi's version of the game has an edge because of its limited time offer. Also, you can load Andar Bahar in many languages. Players are also able to use the frequently referred statistics having the hit frequency to their advantage.

There is also an unlimited number of players that can participate in a session. You can include extra bets, which can boost your payout as high as ×120. The percentage received as returns by the players is about 94% to 95%, making the odds of winning 50/50.

Playing Ezugi Live Andar Bahar

While the casino game is loading, you will notice a brief popup of game rules showing on the screen. These rules will outline the basics of betting in the game. When you feel you understand how the game is played, click the tab that says “ok” to initiate.

First, one card will be drawn from the shoe by the dealer. This card is called the joker, and the dealer places it between Andar and Bahar. Players will keep drawing cards from the shoe till a card with the same value as the first emerges. As the player, your objective is to try and guess where the deal will position the card.

You get the option of 8 bets on the side at the interactive Andar Bahar casino game. These side bets are made about the total of the cards dealt in a round. If you choose a 1-5 bet on the side, for instance, the joker card will be present in the five cards you pull first.

Benefits of Andar or Bahar to Players

  • Players receive eight bets on the side with payouts valued between 3.5x and 120x
  • When betting, players get a hit frequency roadmap for every two bets
  • An unlimited number of players can live stream the game 24/7
  • Andar or Bahar has multiple language options such as Spanish, Chinese, English, Russian and Turkish
  • The game has a feature that allows players to chat live, giving them a more personal experience

Wrap up

It is exhilarating to try a game different from the classic live tables at mobile casinos. Ezugi is an outstanding developer that ensures they give you an offer that is beyond conventional. Its constant availability as a result of its 24/7 streaming makes it as close to perfect as possible. Gamers who are interested in discovering a new game that has high-quality standards will enjoy this bitcoin casino game.

Players can interact with other players and go over their activities of betting using the feature of player history. They can also remove statistics and bets from their table to give it the appearance of being minimalistic.



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