Evolution Mini Live Roulette

You may be used to the glamour of the standard live roulette. With Mini Live roulette the glamour has been scaled down, but there are many other reasons to play this game.

Mini live roulette from Evolution Gaming is a scaled-down version of the standard European roulette. The casino game has all the basic features of European roulette but lacks the glamour and the top video quality. Measuring just 200 X 300, it is possible for a player to combine playing this game with other activities.

License and Authorization

Mini live roulette by Evolution Gaming is licensed by many gaming boards. Among the popular boards that authorized the game are the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Commission.

How to Play Evolution Mini Live Roulette

Just like the standard European roulette, Mini Live Roulette consists of a roulette table with 37 numbers, ranging from 0 to 36. 18 of the numbers are red while 18 are black. The last number (o) is painted green.

When the roulette ball is spun, players can bet on a variety of options. Available options include the exact number it will fall, group of numbers, even or odd, black or red, or the row.

Having 37 numbers, with a single zero, betting on this game gives the house an edge of just 2.7%, making the return to player to be 97.3 which is quite high.

Main Features

Although this Mini Live roulette features a live dealer, the attention is actually on its small size. The game measures just 200 x 230 pixel which makes it possible for players to be busy with other activities while playing the game. Apart from this, the game has all the features of standard European roulette.


  • Software Provider: Evolution Gaming
  • Game Type: Live Casino
  • Return to Player: 97.3%
  • Minimum Bet: €1
  • Maximum bet: €2000
  • Size on Screen: 200 x 230 pixel

The Good Parts

  • The small size of the game makes it easy to combine it with other casino games
  • Despite its size, it still features all the statistics a roulette player may be interested in
  • Designed based on European roulette hence has a high return o player
  • Can be played for as low as €1

The Drawbacks

  • The video quality is low
  • There is no casino hall glamour

Wrap Up

Mini Live Roulette is among the new live games introduced by Evolution Gaming. It has all the basic features of European roulette but scaled down to reduce graphic size. Therefore, it lacks most of the glamour of live casino games but still retains the game’s statistics and features a live dealer.

Players can bet on the exact number pocket the roulette ball will land, the colour of the winning number, row, and all other features available on the standard roulette. A bet as low as €1 is accepted on this game and the RTP is 97.3%. Because of its small size, a player can be playing Mini Live roulette on his phone and still be busy with other games or activities.



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