Evolution Live Blackjack: Important Features

Gamblers who play the Evolution Live Blackjack do so on a table with seven seats and under the guidance of Vegas Rules. The casino game utilizes 8 packs of cards. When three-quarters of the shoe have been handed, these cards are changed. An array of side bets are accessible to players, and they can use a double deal or split their aces at their discretion.

Should an ace turn up as the dealer’s top card, he will call for blackjack after issuing a guarantee. The gamblers can call it quits if he turns up with a blackjack.

The Location of Tables

Three primary studio venues anchor the live blackjack. The Riga studio in Latvia anchors a large number of anglicized tables. This is also the largest of the three studios.

There’s another studio in Malta. It anchors international-language tables that grant access to languages like Italian, Russian, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, Flemish, English, and German.

The third one is relatively new and is stationed in Romania. This studio can also streams games.

Evolution Live Blackjack Features

The gaming console incorporates options that you can adjust to suit your desires. Here’s a list of the features you can find in the game’s console:

Side Bets

You can set the game to either hide this feature or leave it open. You can set your bet behind feature in accordance with whether or not you want others to use the same feature on you. If you’re a fan of this feature, you can also set what you want the system to do if the player ahead doubles or splits his cards.


This section contains elaborate information that teaches you how to participate in the game. It also gives an insight into all the other options in the settings and their functions.

Player Chat

Here,  you can have a discussion with the dealer. This feature also gives you the power to shut off the chat features of other players. However, this is only accessible if you’re gambling on a dedicated table. Normally, on normal tables, the chat feature of other players are totally invisible to you.

Account Record

The account record feature displays a detailed record of all your dealings. It shows you the kind of game, the number, and nature of bets you placed, and if you aced those bets or they simply went down the drain.


Here, you get complete control of your sound.  You can turn it off or turn it on. You can raise the volume as high as you want or as low, depending on your preference. The inherent game sounds, even the dealer’s voice, are also subject to control.


This feature offers options tailored to the game’s graphical display. These are the range of options to which you can set the game’s graphical display: Auto, Low, Mid, High, and HD, according to their order. Auto is more preferable because it automatically tailors the quality to your internet speed. Low gives you a normal image of the dealer and the table.



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