Evolution Gaming’s No Commission Baccarat

Thanks to Evolution gaming, you do not need to go to a brick and mortar casino before you experience the fun and thrill of your favorite baccarat game. With this live casino game, you can stay in the comfort of your home and have the real-world casino at your fingertips while lying on your bed.

The No Commission Baccarat from Evolution is a live variant of the Baccarat game and even more. It comes with some additional features and twist that makes it more fun and rewarding to players.

Sounds, Symbols, and Theme

The theme colors used in this game are gold and red, so if you are a lover of these colors, you will love the game. The overall theme draws inspiration from an Asian background that screams luxury and class. This is to show you the possibility that you can come to you if you are lucky at the table.

When you get to the No Commission table, you will also notice that purple is significantly used. As you know, the color purple signifies Royalty. No wonder Evolution had to make use of that color scheme. Overall, the playing environment is warm and calm.

The dealers that will attend to you at the table are professionally trained to guide you right from the beginning of the game all the way through.

How it Works

If you are wondering what the features are that make the No Commission Baccarat game different from the classic versions and other variants, we will answer that for you now.

In the ordinary Baccarat games, if you wager on a banker and win, you end up paying a commission of 5% of your earnings to the house. Just as the name implies, the No Commission Baccarat offers do not involve the payment of any commission on your banker winnings.

Apart from this, the game's rule is the same as the regular baccarat, where you bet on a banker, player, or a tie.

Additional Features

Apart from the absence of commission on banker wins, some additional features make the No commission Baccarat different from other baccarat games. It has side bet insurance known as Super 6, which gives players the opportunity to earn on simple bets. What you need to do is place a wager on the side bet and earn a reward of 15:1 when the banker hits a 6.

Evolution gaming has a lot of gambling opportunities for players who are keen on earning on the go. Since its inception, it has always paid close attention to the quality of its gaming environment and user experience. The No Commission Baccarat is compatible with mobile, tablets, and desktop devices.

Wrap Up

You can save to your 5% earnings on winning bets from wagering on the banker. Therefore, you do not have to pay any money for the house and yet experience the fun of baccarat. With the additional insurance side bet, you stand the chance of earning a 15x on your wager.



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