Evolution Gaming Lightning Dice Review

Evolution Gaming is indeed the leader of the Live Casino Gaming industry as it consistently churns out the best games. Most of their games can be played from your mobile device or desktop, even from the comfort of your room. Lightning Dice is one of such games. It includes an exceptional rolling dice mechanic with extra Lightning Multiplier benefits for each throw that you get. This can win you a wager of up to one thousand times.

Evolution Gaming Lightning Dice: Symbols, Sounds, and Theme

It is no wonder that this game provider is highly revered in the industry because of its unique and new creations. Lightning Dice is a pioneer in its kind, and one of Evolution Gaming's most recent creations.

You can play this casino game in a live studio devoted to it, with an exceptional structure with a maze resemblance. This structure is situated at the centre of the room. The host/dealer will be your companion even as you do the task like placing the three dice on the structure and having the lever pulled.

Lightning Dice is visually clean and crisp and has an electrifying and warm feeling. You will perceive normal casino sounds, lightning sounds, the voice of the dealer, and sweet background music.  

Game Mechanics

The camera of this game will relocate to the point where the focus should be. Most often, you’ll have to see the host, the lever, and the structure.

Stake on a number to begin playing the game; you can stake all your wagers at the tail end of the screen. After this, the host will place about three dice on the structure and have the lever pulled. At the top of the tower, the dice will move and disclose the attractive numbers.  

Bonus Features

The premise upon which this game is built takes it to a whole new plain. With this game, you’ll enjoy the assorted live gaming experience with a captivating UI. While playing the game, you can place a wager on some chosen numbers or you can click on the Bet on All option. When you do this, you can stake on all the sixteen spots. Even as it is already a fast game, this will render it even faster. Don’t forget that betting on all does not guarantee an increased chance of winning.

The figurative and literal lightning effect of this game is yet another thing to admire. After the expiration of the betting timer, lightning strikes at the betting grid on different random numbers or one number. Immediately, every one of these numbers will be conferred more than a thousand times a random multiplier. This makes the winning chances even higher.

Evolution Gaming Lightning Dice: Should you Play?

This game is what you should consider playing if you love online live titles and looking forward to playing one that will get you so fixated that you may lose the consciousness of time. Even if you are usually a table game, dice, or slot player, the truth is that you’ll find this game an extremely interesting one!



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