Card Counting: A Smart Trick?


New players also try to use tricks even at their first time playing, as long as they master the blackjack game's basics. There is a difference between tactically playing the blackjack game and using tricks. Most times, using trick is good if you are not too greedy.

But when using tricks in a blackjack casino game, you must be careful enough not to get caught. You can be wondering if all these are not true or not. But the fact remains that you heard the rumors because some people were caught in the act.

Those that were successful wouldn't come out in the open and start bragging. They prefer to stay on a low that guarantees a shot at another trial, at least. All the same, this post will keep you informed of the necessary information about the smartest tricks you can use in blackjack games.

Card Counting – The Smartest Trick In Blackjack Games

The card counting method involves having a simple chart at the back of your mind when you play the blackjack game. There are two categories of cards that you should be concerned with – the high cards and the low ones. The high cards include the face cards and the 10s, while the low cards range from two to six.

What you need to do is do some calculations in mind. For every high card, you need to subtract one and also add one to every low card. However, the middle cards, ranging from seven to nine, do not need to be calculated.

This implies that if your score is +2, it is profitable to place your bet because a high card will more likely come next. But if you’ve got a negative score, then it won't be advisable to bet high, although there are lesser high cards than low cards in the deck. This is actually a straightforward method for everyone; even a kid can carry out the trick.

Why You Should Master The Trick

You have to master this trick because it is the basics of other complicated tricks. After you have mastered this trick, you can then proceed to the more complicated tricks. You can start anticipating the next card that shows up by its color or type, and of course, you boost your chances of winning.

Not Getting Caught

But you have to be cautious that you don't get caught. Avoid starring too much on the game so that you won't draw suspicions. If you're too focused on the game, the casinos may believe that that's a sign that you're cheating them. 

Also, do not make sudden changes in your stakes. If you want to increase your stake, increase it gradually so you won't be suspected. Lastly, do not dwell too much on a table; change your casino locations frequently.

Just act like a random guy that has naturally come to play the blackjack game, and after a while, move to a new mobile casino. These are a few tips you can note to utilize a trick in the blackjack game successfully.



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