Betting Systems for Craps and How They Work

Craps is a great time for people who love gambling. Riding the highs, and dropping with the lows, there is nothing like the rush of the live casino game of craps. How it works is that players take turns rolling the dice, and they will roll the dice.

The other players besides the shooter will bet on the pass line or the don’t pass line. The pass line consists of when a shooter rolls a 7 to 11, and they don’t pass line bet happens when a shooter rolls between a 2 and 6.

Some of the popular betting systems that people use today including Hedge Betting, The Rothstein System, The Watcher System, and the Hot and Cold Betting System.


The Hot & Cold Betting System

This system is the best of the 4 common betting systems. It focuses on the shooter and their luck. When the shooter rolls a pass line win, then the players using this system will try to ride the hot streak and bet on the pass line when the shooter loses, then the player using this system will bet on don’t pass, trying to ride the cold streak.

This is the best way to play because the player is focusing on the roll, and not the next one. If a player is hot, they can win 10 to 20 times before losing. This is a great way to rake in the profits from gambling. Unfortunately, the house has a total on even bets that neither win or lose allowing for this system to become slightly flawed.


The Rothstein System

This system consists of players betting a single unit of their choice from $10 to $100. Then the player always bets on the pass line. If they win, then they will have gained one unit, and they will re-bet one unit again until they lose.

When the player loses using this system, they will double their bet and add one unit. For example, if a player loses their next bet would be 3 units 1 unit doubled is 2 then add another unit to make 3 units, if they lose again, they bet 7 units, and so on until they win and start over again. This can either be a win or a loss and is completely up to the roll.


The Watcher System

This system is made to have the player sit out until the shooter rolls 4 straight pass lines. The concept is simple to understand in theory but flawed in practice. This is a system that allows a player to make $10 a day and walk away, no more and no less.

How it works is once the shooter successfully rolls 4 passing bets in a row, the watcher will finally play and bet $10 on the don’t pass lines. The goal is to win immediately because the odds of rolling 5 consecutive pass lines is 31:1.

This is flawed because dice don’t always follow this rule and are 54% pass, and 46% don’t pass. So the people betting on this system are betting against a lucky hot streak as well as the win percentage.


Hedge Betting

Hedge betting is used as a system for players who don’t want to risk a lot. They bet on both the pass line and any craps. It seems flawless in theory, but again it falls apart in practice. Playing the pass line alone at a 36-roll maximum will allow for 8 wins, 4 losses, and 24 “no results.”

However, when you bet on any craps line as well, in the same number of rolls the result will be 12 wins and 24 loses allowing the player to lose more money than they bet.

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