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So long as online slots are concerned, magic is a broad theme. When playing online casino slots, you will come across games with mystery and wonder, genies and fairy tales, witches, and warlocks as a source of inspiration. There is always a slot for any form of magical theme. You can enjoy magic slots in different styles.

They range from mysterious gothic styles to cartoon-like graphics. When looking to play slots online, you will come across lots of slots that are magic-themed. To save you the stress of picking the right magic-themed slot, we have put together some of the best. They are;

Magic Portals

NetEnt developed this online magic slot, and it is one that puts warlocks against witches. This slot game comes with very sharp graphics, bold coloring, and detailed symbols. Magic portals are like other video slots. It features 25 fixed paylines, 3 rows, and 5 reels. Although this slot has a lot in common with other slots, it stands out because it features an innovative Magic Portals Wild transformation.

On reels 5 and 1, there are fixed portals. Matching symbols turn to wilds when they are in this position. If you can land the bonus sign in portals, you will get 10 free spins.

Golden Grimoire

This slot comes with a mysterious edge. When playing it, you will have to get to a sorcerer’s attic. You will come across the symbols inside the 4 rows and 5 reels hovering before a huge rose window at this attic. The night sky lightens up this window. This slot focuses on a grimoire, a book of spells used to make charms, magical spells, talismans, etc.

This slot comes with a mystery symbol feature, ensuring the mystery symbols become a different symbol after landing on the reels. In addition to the mystery symbol feature, you also get to enjoy the free spins feature. Additionally, there is the Sticky Mystery feature which gives you 8 free plays. This game has not been in existence for very long. Nonetheless, it is one game you can be sure is free from disappointment.

The Wish Master

The Wish Master is a live casino slot that was developed by Net Ent. It comes with an RTP of 96.60%, has 20 paylines, and 5 reels. This casino game was inspired by the magical stories of Arabian nights. If you are used to having images of Disney characters in slot games, you will need to prepare for something different with this slot as it contains darker characters. Beyond the various scary characters that characterize this slot, the genie has an ominous look. He also has a wicked laugh and flaming eyes. You, therefore, will have to get used to his image to enjoy this slot.

When you play this slot, you are free to enjoy three bonus features at the same time. Doing this will help you get the best form of excitement from this bitcoin casino slot.



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