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What is a Mobile Casino

If you’re an Android phone user and want to put your luck to the test with online casino games, you can do so by using special Android casinos. Android online casinos contain hundreds of excellent games, pack great bonuses and are always available, even on the go. Find the best Android casinos today by using our in-depth list of casino apps for Android.

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  1. Use Android casino apps for a smooth gameplay
  2. Use a welcome bonus when signing up at Android casinos
  3. Learn how to find the top Android casino in Canada
What is a Mobile Casino
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How do Android Casinos Work?

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There are two types of Android casinos: browser-based mobile casinos and special Android casino apps.

The first option is the most common one, and a good 90% of the time, you’ll most likely play casino games from your Android phone by using the browser.

Browser-based Android casinos work similarly to regular online casinos: you’ll just have to log in to your casino account, similar to any other website, and all the Android casino games will be available right then and there.

The second option – Android casino apps – is a bit rare since most online casinos haven’t actually created a special casino app – there’s simply no need as browsers already accommodate all player needs.

That’s not a rule, though, and there are plenty of dedicated Android online casino apps available.

If there’s a special Android app for casino games, you can download the app straight from the Google Play store or from the casino’s website.

Android casino app works exactly like any other app: after downloading, you can log into your account (or sign up), and all games will be available.

The only difference between browser-based mobile casinos and gambling apps: the latter will take up some space in your phone, whereas the other option doesn’t require any downloads.

How to Sign Up at Android Casinos?

Signing up at an Android casino is as easy as you could possibly imagine – you hardly have to do anything spectacular other than fill out a form and place your first deposit.

Here’s a quick recap of the main steps you’ll have to take, so you could get started with Android casino games.

Verify Your Account

Before you can fully access all the casino’s capabilities and freely enjoy Android gambling games, you’ll have to verify your account by going through the KYC process.

The casino will ask for a few documents to ensure you’re a legitimate person, i.e. you’ll be requested to upload your ID and proof of address.

If your account is verified, you’ll get to make deposits and withdrawals more smoothly, but you can always go through the KYC process later, too, if you don’t want to do it right away after the signup.

You’ll have to do the KYC sooner or later, though, especially if you’d like to play on a regular base and withdraw your funds.

Make a Deposit

Though you can always enjoy free casino apps without depositing money and just playing in demo mode, you’ll have to make a deposit if you’d like to win real money.

Use any of the casino’s available payment methods to deposit money into your account and get started with real money gambling.

Play and Withdraw the Winnings

Hopefully, if you’re playing with real money, you’ll also win some, so you could later make a withdrawal.

You can request a withdrawal at any time as long as your account has enough funds for at least the minimum withdrawal.

Most real money Android apps allow even just a CA$10 or $20 withdrawal, but always read the payment terms to understand the exact situation.

Find the Best Android Casino

Your gambling journey gets started by choosing the best Android casino app.

For that, you can choose any of the listed gambling apps right from our page.

Next, you’ll either have to use the casino’s browser-based mobile version or download the Android app from the Google Play store.

The second option is not that common, so in most cases, you’ll just get to use the browser-based version using your mobile browser.

Fill out the Registration Form

After downloading the casino app (or using the mobile version on your Android device), you’ll have to fill out the registration form with your contact details.

You’re also required to enter some personal details, such as your home address, birth date and phone number.

Most gambling apps have made this process quick and easy, so the whole registration step shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

How to Find the Best Android Casinos?

Each year brings more new Android casino apps, so now, the selection is rather vast.

Luckily, you don’t have to navigate through this selection blindly since you can use our special list of the best Android casinos to pick out a suitable gambling site easily.

Here’s an overview of some of the crucial factors you should always analyze – our team also follows these principles to ensure we bring only the best mobile casinos to you.

Check for a License

Just having a casino app displayed in Google Play doesn’t make it automatically trustworthy.

Every Android casino app must be licensed, preferably by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission.

When the casino is equipped with either of these licenses, you can enjoy real money gambling games knowing that there’s a reputable licensing authority backing you, if something should go wrong.

Go Through the Game Selection

Of course, you’ll always want to make sure there are all the greatest casino games available for your Android device.

The best Canadian apps for Android tend to pack a huge selection of slots games, together with many classic table and card games and a special live casino section.

Some may also cater to sports fans or poker players, but those niches are more specific and usually come with separate Android apps.

Top casinos for Android devices should definitely collaborate with well-known software providers, including names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Play’n Go and others.

Check Withdrawal Terms

One of the biggest caveats of using gambling apps for Android is making withdrawals.

Many players don’t read the withdrawal terms right away, putting them in an awkward position later when they discover they can’t place a higher withdrawal as expected.

Not all casino apps allow big withdrawals, and the same goes for the withdrawal speed, which may vary tremendously.

Always read withdrawal terms before signing up to make sure you won’t end up in arguments later.

Test the Customer Support

We all hope never to have to ask for any help from customer support, but sometimes, it’s inevitable – you may have a question about a casino bonus, some real money games or other topics.

We recommend testing the customer support right away so you’d know exactly what you’re dealing with.

This quick test will take just five minutes, but it may save you from a lot of headaches afterwards.

Make a Smaller Deposit

It’s possible you found an Android casino that seems to tick all the boxes, but you’re still not quite sure about the app.

In that case, it’s best to start off slowly by making a small deposit just to get a general feel of the mobile casino and make a few real money bets to understand the whole casino better.

In the worst case, you’ll lose a couple of bucks, but you’ll have a new gambling experience that helps you determine the best casino for your taste.

Benefits of Using an Android Casino


If you have an Android device, using an Android casino is a no-brainer.

There are several important advantages you can reap as an Android user: here are the top four reasons why you should give Android online casinos a try.


Always Available

The main reason to try real money games via an Android app is the availability: you can always play games, no matter where you are.

Waiting for a bus or a train?

Or just have some downtime before your next appointment?

You can play your favorite casino games within seconds by using Android apps or mobile casinos.

Easy to Use

All Android users can easily understand how to play online casino games – it doesn’t take any experience at all.

Even if real money gambling is completely new for you, you can get started within a matter of minutes since mobile casinos are so streamlined and tailored perfectly for mobile phones.

Plenty of Bonuses

Free casino apps may also be packed with bonus offers.

When you’re using Android casinos, you won’t have to miss out on bonus offers since there may be plenty of special Android casino bonuses.

Even if the selection isn’t as vast as in traditional casinos, you’ll still get free spins or some regular promotions and campaigns as any other casino goer.

Disadvantages of Cashback

Drawbacks of Android Casinos

Disadvantages of Cashback

Using a real money casino app may be fun, but there are some caveats to consider before opting for a mobile casino.

Consider these three important drawbacks of Android casinos to ensure you understand both spectrums of the gambling experience.

Limited Game Selection

The best casinos have a stellar game selection, so don’t get us wrong – using free slots apps doesn’t mean you won’t have any of the most popular casino games at your disposal.

Most game providers have completely adapted their games for Android users.

However, compared to a regular online casino, there’s a good chance the overall game selection is somewhat smaller.

You can still enjoy all the best free casino games, but there may be fewer slots and table games compared to full-size online casinos.

Payment Method Limitations

Playing via mobile devices comes with certain technological limitations, one of which is the payment system.

Most of us can easily use the built-in Google Pay option for quick casino payments, and as an alternative, you can always manually enter your card details when making a deposit.

Many Canadian mobile casinos also accept various electronic wallets.

Despite all the options, it’s possible you’re not currently using certain payment methods, or your preferred method is not available in the chosen casino.

Smaller Screen

The main disadvantage is related to the screen size.

Though both old and new slots are mobile-compatible, it’s clear that a smaller screen may not be up to everyone’s taste.

You may simply prefer using a bigger screen, and in that case, Android casinos may not be the best option.

Best Casino Games for Android

There are literally thousands of games available for mobile devices, so you may be wondering: which ones are the best Android casino games in the bunch?

When you sign up at a Canadian Android casino app, you’ll most likely encounter the following five important casino game categories, each with its own unique fun factor.

Slot Games

Slot games are, without a doubt, the most popular casino games for Android.

All Android casinos have literally hundreds or even thousands of different slot games – everything from old-school fruit slots to modern innovative video slot machines.

Some of the main Android slots you’ll find may include the following:

  • Megaways online slots
  • Bonus Buy online slots
  • Jackpot slots
  • Android slots with free spins or bonus games

In fact, most mobile slots pack awesome bonus features with Wild symbols, free spin rounds and many other fascinating features.

Android slots are more fun than ever before, thanks to high-end slot manufacturers who do their best to make sure their slots are always entertaining.

The coolest part is the ability to use a free slots app on your Android.

This means you don’t have to jump into real money Android slots right away – instead, you can play slots in free demo versions and see for yourself what the game is all about.

When you first sign up at an Android casino, you may also receive a special free spins bonus for some popular slot games that already give you a quick taste of the gambling action.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games are equally as beloved as Android slots, if not more, and remain one of the top games for Android users.

Almost all Android casino apps have a separate live casino section that includes the main card and table games – the ones you may already know and love.

You can play blackjack, spin roulette, try live dealer poker, enjoy live baccarat or even entertain yourself with gameshows that bring a whole new dimension to online gambling – a real Las Vegas vibe.

Live dealer games bring you the closest to actual physical casino action, so if you long for a more classic experience, these are the games to go for.

Video Poker

Video poker games may not seem as extravagant as slots or live dealer tables, but thrill-seekers still enjoy these simple games.

Video poker resembles actual poker, but in many ways, it’s more like slot machines: the cards are dealt by an automated computer algorithm.

If you don’t want to play actual poker, video poker is a good place to start since you can still practice your skills and use actual poker hands.


Online bingo is another fun gambling niche that doesn’t serve as big of a role at most casinos as you could hope for, but some of the best Canadian Android mobile casinos still may pack some bingo games.

Online bingo works exactly like regular bingo: you can tick off numbers on your ticket and hope to hit enough numbers to achieve a victory.

Virtual Sports

Last but not least, sports have a big role at many Canadian mobile casinos.

In fact, some may have special apps just for sports betting – in that case, you may be dealing with professional-level bookmakers.

More casual casinos may not cater to such levels of sports fans, but still offer some sports betting options for casual bets.

These options may include fun virtual sports where the whole sports event has been computer-generated.

This means the dogs or horses in the race are not real – it’s all just computer graphics!

Sports fans should definitely opt for casinos that pack virtual sports for just a quick fun “Sunday betting” action.


  • Different casino games are always available
  • Don’t require special Android apps due to mobile-optimized page
  • Easy to use and quick to sign up


  • Not all casinos have a dedicated Android app
  • May have to tolerate a smaller screen, thus, worse gameplay
  • May be limited in bonuses


Playing online casino games via Android phones is more than possible – it has become an industry standard.

Whether you’re using a Samsung, Huawei or any other phone brand, as long as you have a solid internet connection, you can always enjoy casino games, starting with slots and ending with classic table and card games.

You can get started with playing mobile casino games by choosing the top Android casino app from our page, where we’ve listed all the top-notch gambling apps available for Canadian players.

Take your pick from the listed popular online casinos, sign up and enjoy fun games right from your mobile device.


Yes, you can play free casino games even on Android since all top-range internet casino sites support free demos. This means you’ll get to try the game for free using the free-play option, but you won’t, of course, win real money when gambling this way. These free demo versions are just for fun so you’d get acquainted with the game.


There are tens of excellent Android casinos available in Canada, each offering its own unique set of perks. If you’d like to find the best option for your gambling needs, you can find a comprehensive list of the best gambling apps right from our page – compare the casinos from one list and see for yourself which casino ticks the most boxes for you.


Online casinos are not legally allowed to operate from inside Canadian territory, but online gambling is completely legal when the casino is located offshore. That’s why you’ll find most of the online casinos offering their services to Canadians registered in Malta, Cyprus, etc. This is completely normal and makes gambling legal for Canadians, as long as you’re playing in offshore casinos.


You can find the best casino apps for Android devices by checking out our big comparison list of the best mobile casinos. We’ve put together a huge selection of Canadian online casinos that offer the greatest game selection and bonuses and carry a valid license so that you could gamble safely.


Yes, you can enjoy many Android casino bonuses when signing up, plus the top online casinos organize regular promotions for existing players, too. You can grab anything from a lucrative welcome bonus during sign-up to regular free spins and other bonus perks.




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