Are Voice-Activated Games the Future in Casinos?

We are always on the lookout for new technologies and today we would like to introduce you to a very interesting innovation: Voice-activated games in online casinos.

Voice Search – What is it?

The way we search for things on the Internet is changing rapidly. It's more and more about searching with the help of our voice than hitting the keys. And new casinos are also jumping on the voice search bandwagon.

More and More People Are Using Voice-Controlled Online Search

Everyone is probably familiar with Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. Google Home is also now a well-known technology with voice control.

Since their introduction, these three technologies have improved extremely. So, it was only a matter of time before voice search also made its way into online casinos. Two questions are crucial: Does it really work? Are voice-activated games the future of the industry?

Voice Control

Imagine the following situation: You want to play your favorite slot while sitting in the bus stop. Would voice search really be an advantage here? Do you want anyone to know what games you are playing on your smartphone?

So, let's move our example to your home. You need to prepare dinner for your family, but you're during an incredible streak of luck and can't possibly put the phone down right now. Voice control could come in handy now, right? Look for their games while you're cooking or doing anything else. Activate autoplay mode via voice control and you're done! Your hands are free, the reels are spinning.

Where Can I Find Voice Control?

Although the technology is developing rapidly, its implementation in online casinos is not quite as simple. Apple, Google, and Amazon may have mastered voice control, but there are only a few online casinos that have it built in:

  1. Wynn Resorts, a traditional casino in Las Vegas, has installed Amazon Echo
  2. Wild Tornado Casino was the first online casino in 2018 to offer games with voice control for Android devices. You can search for voice-controlled games right here on your smartphone – using Voice Search, of course.
  3. Paddy Power Casino launched a one-month test run in 2017 using Amazon's Alexa. So far, the casino has not decided whether to continue the project.
  4. Unibet Casino also offered a test version in 2016 – but only for Apple users. So here, players could place bets by voice input with Siri on their iPhones. “Five euros on a win for ManU” or “Ten on a 3:0 Liverpool win”. In the Unibet app (found in the Apple Store), you can use Voice Search to search for slots, for example, Immortal Romance.

What Will the Future Bring?

A very good question! Does voice control really have a future in online casinos or computer games? We don't know exactly. What we do know is that technology is developing at a breathtaking rate. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Casinoble Author Roman Vogdt

Roman Vogdt

Roman is of the head authors at Casinoble. Roman Vogdt is an experienced iGaming expert, having worked closely with the best gambling sites over the years, before settling down to become part of Casinoble. Thanks to his interest in technology, gaming, and sports, he's always one step ahead. Be it mobile experiences, the best and latest games, everything involving sports betting, or other iGaming features, Roman loves sharing his thoughts and knowledge to make the online community more exciting.

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