Playtech Brings Live football Roulette Back With Special Features

The famous technology company, Playtech, has reintroduced live football roulette with special features. The live football roulette, which was largely successful when it was first introduced, now has a goal side bet option. The new game will be part of Playtech. Let's play Studio.

Playtech first introduced the casino game in 2018. Then it was part of the special company program called Football Weekend Roulette. The table game soon becomes fans' favorite and this prompted the software provided to expand its scope. Then it was no longer weekend events but expanded to cover all important football events every day of the week. Its coverage included the popular European Champions' League, among many other important football matches.

What Happens Next

Now that Playtech has replaced the famous green screen backdrop with the special Let’s Play Studio, it has equally made the studio the host for sporting events. Let’s Play Studio will now be used for live dealerships. While the studio hosts roulette games, it will also provide live commentary on all important football matches and live news on important football events. There will also be an opportunity for viewers to get match statistics live as the studio's activities are being streamed. The live football roulette is expected to provide players an exciting and engaging experience.

Features to Expect

The game comes back with new features. Among the important feature introduced to it is the gold side bet feature. This enables players to place a bet on a possible football goal. When this bet is placed, the system will randomly select five numbers that can give the player a chance to win should the roulette ball land on any numbers. If this is the case, the player will win with a multiplier ranging from three to a hundred. Aside from winning, the winner will also be celebrated on a screen. This, together with the display of animated football jersey, added more visual engagement to the game.

Statement from Playtech Boss

Speaking to the reporters, the Playtech boss, Edo Haitin, explains how the game has expanded over the years. The CEO says live football roulette is no longer a promotional offer but is now among the most famous games provided by the technology company. He is optimistic that fans will love and enjoy the game.

Haitin claims football is so loved that it deserves recognition in their studio. He then boasts of the new feature added to the game and explains how innovative it is and how thrilling it will be to have a chance of getting your winning multiplied 100 times.

On the studio's general features, the Playtech CEO is full of praise for the news feed, match statistics, and live commentary. He says the features will make players remain in touch with things that are happening on the football pitch while enjoying their roulette game. He claims the studio is a crossover between sports and live casinos and has been a huge success.



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