Paytech and Buzz Bingo Partner to Organize a Tournament for Slot Players

Fans of slot casino games can again compete successfully for a price as Playtech, a giant software provider, has just signed a deal with Buzz Bingo, another popular technology company, to organize a slot tournament. Playtech goes into this partnership through its popular leaderboard solution.

The tournament was first tested among the diamond players. Results showed that it was a great success. After two weeks of testing, the organizers concluded that it is now ready to be introduced to a wider audience. Through the Playtech leaderboard concept, Buzz Bingo players can now join this contest. A player only needs to join the live tournament and get added to the leaderboard to participate in the tournament. Every win he has afterward will earn him points to climb up the ladder in the ranking. 

How it Works

In the attempt to make the competition fair to all, the point earned by each participant is calculated as a ratio of the win to the number of stakes without any consideration for the amount of money wagered. Therefore, players staking a low amount of money will be at no disadvantage whatsoever. The tournament gives no extra reward to high stakes, and any stake allowed in the game is eligible to earn points. This arrangement will, therefore, encourage each player to stake his most convenient amount of money.

However, Playtech gives its licensees a free hand to decide the minimum amount of bet that will qualify for the tournament. This option is included in the leaderboard configuration, and the partners are encouraged to make the best use of it. This will enable them to have a say in the players’ engagement and responsible gambling.

What did Playtech’s Speaker Have to Say

Speaking for Playtech, James Frendo explains that the tournament will increase the game's excitement, give the layers better engagement, and chances of winning prizes, and it will not cost them any extra amount of money. The Playtech Director of Casino explains further that the fact that points are calculated as a ratio of the win to the stake rather than on the amount of stake or win will encourage each player to maintain his usual stake limit.

Frendo Praises Buzz Bingo for its excellent performance and dedication to the partnership since Playtech and the company, founded in 2018, has been doing business together. He especially praises them for providing the in-game widget, which gives the tournament participants the ability to be part of the leaderboard while still in the game environment.

Speaking for Buzz Bingo, David Swaine clarifies the modalities of the tournament. According to him, there will be a variety of games on Wednesdays between midday and midnight. Players will be free to choose any game of their interest among the included games, and winners will have their share of the prize pot.

The buss Bingo Head of Digital Operations expresses his satisfaction with the win per stake system of the tournament, which he believes will prevent low stakers from being disadvantaged.



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