Do Casinos Pump Oxygen into the Air? Crushing the Myth

Do casinos pump oxygen into the air? Well, there are many myths about land-based casinos, and this is one of those popular ones that have gained a lot of traction.

In this article, we are going to reveal the truth behind this myth and set things straight.

Where Did the Oxygen in Casinos Myth Come From?

There is no exact information about the first person that came with the assumption that casinos pump oxygen into the air.

However, it has become a popular topic among gamblers for over 35 years. Some players may think that this myth is 100% true, and it is used by casinos for their gains, while others think it is nothing more than a myth.

Why Do People Believe That Casinos Pump Oxygen into the Air?

This belief is so widespread that the BBC made an article about the psychology of super casinos and the myth took center stage of the article.

According to many gamblers, oxygen (O2) is pumped into some casinos to keep the players awake and playing casino games for a longer time.

The oxygen would give them more energy to engage in their favorite games. Other sources believe that casinos take it up a notch by pumping different gases to compel players to keep on playing without end.

Other Similar Myths

So, do casinos pump only oxygen, or are there more? Well, there are some ridiculous myths by gamers that believe that casinos do not play fair. According to a gamer, there is someone that determines who wins the jackpot from the slots machines.

A well-founded myth is that casinos are always running with booze and food to give you all the energy and excitement you need to keep playing.

Now, this has some truth in it. In casinos, attendants move around with all sorts of delicacies and exotic drinks to distract you from your losses and keep you playing. 

Time in inexistent – This is another true myth. You won’t find clocks on walls or tables in casinos. The casino halls are full of lightning that makes it hard to differentiate from night and day. In the end, you will continue to play until the next morning without knowing it.

Extreme lightning and music for adrenaline effect – Going extreme at the casino tables require a rush of adrenaline, which creates excitement. Casinos can make this happen with exciting music and lightning, so this myth has some truth.

This is the same as playing loud, pulse-pumping music in a club to keep your dancing. Many believe this is why even online casinos have great designs and lightening.

Do Casinos Pump Oxygen to Keep Players Awake?

If you’re one of those gamers that are high on conspiracy theories, we are sorry to disappoint you. Casinos don’t pump high oxygen levels to keep you awake until you game your finances away.

High levels of oxygen can be very dangerous. It is also illegal to pump oxygen into closed spaces and not to forget; it could cost the casinos a lot to keep up the trick.



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