Is it Worth Getting A Cashback Bonus in Online Casinos?

No, we’re not talking about getting your money get after you got scammed, we’re talking about a cashback in casinos. A cashback bonus is a well-known and desirable bonus that rewards loyal players. You get a certain percentage of the total bet back – this also appeals to most. But even with a casino bonus in an online casino in 2023 you have to consider some things, which we explain in more detail in this article from Casinoble.

What is a Cashback Casino Bonus?

cashback bonus is basically exactly what the name promises: a money-back bonus. If you play at a cashback casino, you can get a percentage back from your wagers. For example, if you wager €100 on a slot machine, at the end of the week, or at the end of the month, you will receive €10 back with a 10% cashback. With another bonus, the money would then already be lost – but not with a cashback!

However, a cashback bonus, just like any other casino bonus, comes with bonus conditions before you can use the money directly. This means that you have to clear the €10 before you can withdraw it. After all, this is not a free bonus.

Bonus Conditions

In the bonus terms and conditions, there are several points to consider before you start playing. First of all, one should determine how much the bonus can be. Is the cashback up to €100 per week or maybe only €50? Does it sometimes go up to €500 at a cashback casino that pays out weekly? This is important in that you don't expect to get 10% on every bet. If you play too high, the bonus is not always automatically higher.

If one has chosen the bonus, one must of course know which games contribute to the turnover. Games with high house edge or those that don't make the casino that much money are often excluded. So, if you play rouletteblackjack or baccarat, the bet is not counted in full or not at all towards the turnover.

Then of course there is the turnover condition itself. That is, how often you have to wager the cashback bonus after you have received it. Of course, the online casino doesn't just give its players €500, otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it for them.

Is a Cashback Bonus Worth It?

Whether a cashback bonus is worthwhile for you, you should best find out for yourself. However, it is already certain that you can profit from cashback bonuses very well. If you lose once in the online casino it is not the end of the world, but only the beginning of the cashback, if this is offered.

Through the bonus, you can continue to play in the casino, even if you are just not liquid. It is indeed bonus credit, but with it, you can play without hesitation in the real money casino. Unfortunately, you can’t participate in the cashback program with all casino games. This is mainly because the house edge is not as high with classic table games as it is with a slot machine. But once you have a little run of bad luck, the cashback bonus can help you out of the mess again – albeit with bonus credit. 

If you make good use of the cashback offer after reading about the terms and conditions, you can earn between 5-20% of your bet back.



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